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  • App 后台接口开发:负责开发和维护应用程序的后台接口,确保应用程序能够正常运行并提供所需的功能。
  • 网站前后端研发:参与网站的前端和后端开发,包括网站的设计、功能开发和性能优化。
  • 产品架构改进和性能优化:负责改进产品的架构,以提高系统性能和稳定性。
  • 新产品研发:参与新产品的开发任务,包括从设计到实施的全过程。
  • 新技术学习和应用:不断学习和研究新的技术,将其应用到项目中以提高开发效率和产品质量。
  • App Backend Development: Responsible for developing and maintaining the backend interfaces of applications to ensure they function correctly and provide the required features.
  • Website Frontend and Backend Development: Involved in both frontend and backend development of websites, including design, feature development, and performance optimization。
  • Product Architecture Improvement and Performance Optimization: Responsible for enhancing product architecture to improve system performance and stability。
  • New Product Development: Participate in the development of new products, including the entire process from design to implementation.
  • Learning and Applying New Technologies: Continuously learn and research new technologies and apply them to projects to enhance development efficiency and product quality.


  • 熟悉 web 开发:具备扎实的 web 开发知识,熟练掌握 PHP 开发语言。
  • 技术技能:熟悉 Linux 操作系统,熟悉数据库管理系统如 MySQL,以及 Web 服务器如 Nginx 和 Apache。
  • 前端技术:熟悉前端技术,包括 JavaScript、jQuery、ajax 等,以便进行前端开发和交互设计。
  • 良好的代码习惯:具备良好的代码编写习惯,代码结构清晰,命名规范,能够提高代码可维护性和可读性。
  • 熟悉 JAVA 语言:如果熟悉 JAVA 编程语言将是一个优势。
  • 中文和英语沟通能力:需要流利的中文沟通能力,以便与团队和相关方有效地沟通和合作。
  • 工作地点:菲力宾,Passay
  • Familiar with web development, proficient in PHP programming language.
  • Technical Skills: Knowledge of Linux operating systems, database management systems like MySQL, and web servers like Nginx and Apache.
  • Frontend Technologies: Familiarity with frontend technologies, including JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, etc., for frontend development and interaction design.
  • Good Coding Practices: Possess good coding habits with clear code structure and naming conventions to improve code maintainability and readability.
  • Familiarity with Java language is a plus.
  • Chinese communication skills are required for effective communication and collaboration with the team and stakeholders
  • Workplace, Philippine, Passay

Interview process

一共会有三场面试。3 rounds of interview. 

2 years of experience required
23,000 ~ 46,000 CNY / month
Managing staff numbers: not specified
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