Senior BackEnd Engineer

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Job Description

  • Work with fellow engineers, product managers and business owners in the team to ensure requirements are sound and are met
  • Design and develop internal tools for business operations, including day-to-day transaction management and transaction monitoring
  • Build and maintain auditing tools to ensure the financial integrity of our digital wallet
  • Building and maintaining tools and processes to ensure that our digital wallet APIs has a high success and correctness rate
  • Develop and maintain our digital wallet including the corresponding APIs to ensure the success of our clients
  • Keep the security aspect of our digital wallet world class to maintain our track record of zero hacking incidences
  • Keeping pace with the developments of digital assets in the region


  • 4+ years of relevant backend engineering experience
  • Interested in building a bridge for people to access decentralised networks and digital assets
  • Knowledge of iterative, sprint based product development style
  • Knowledge of Git and GitHub
  • Knowledge of RESTful APIs
  • Knowledge of SQL, database design and tuning of database performance
  • Knowledge of queue systems


  • Experience with MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Laravel or Java Spring
  • Experience with basic web frontend framework such as React
  • Experience with managing complex sequences of background jobs and callbacks
  • Experience in developing on a large legacy production codebase
  • Experience in auditing, accounting and reconciling financial statements at scale
  • Experience in development in a zero downtime CI/CD environment
  • Experience working in a blockchain environment in the region
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80,000 ~ 150,000 TWD / month
100% Remote Work
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Entry level
700K ~ 1.5M TWD / year
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About us

About Xfers

Founded in 2015, Xfers is Southeast Asia’s leading Fintech platform for digital businesses, enabling open banking for Southeast Asia. It boasts a range of last-mile financial rails including the Xfers Wallet Kit, Open APIs and Virtual accounts.
Today, Xfers and its partnering merchants process over US$250 million for over 10 million unique active users every month across Singapore and Indonesia. In Singapore, Xfers is the holder of a Major Payment Institution license for e-money issuance under the new Payment Services Act.
In Indonesia, Xfers offers a range of API-driven financial solutions that include Channeling of loans, Disbursements and Virtual Accounts. Xfers works closely with regulators to ensure that all its products and services are fully compliant with the highest regulatory standards.

創立於2015年,Xfers 是一間新加坡的金融科技新創公司。我們致力於發展東南亞金融電子支付服務,並提供一系列由API驅動的解決方案。我們的產品有電子收支付服務Xfers Send, Xfers Accept及Xfers Wallet,也有針對加密貨幣市場提出的StraitsX 。


What Xfers do

At Xfers, we believe in financial inclusion. As South-East Asia stands on the cusp of being an economic powerhouse in the coming years, there is a need to enable many individuals to step out of their marginalized financial environments. In empowering a speedier entry by digital financial service providers into these markets, we aim to bring equal financial opportunities to all, in the hope of alleviating financial hardship. 

Xfers相信東南亞在未來幾年會快速發展成為更龐大的經濟體系,因此我們的目標是改變東南亞的金融生態,讓人們走出邊緣化的環境,並促進數位金融融入生活。 透過Xfers的API服務 ,我們建立透明安全的支付架構體系,提供一個更加簡單方便的數位金融服務,讓用戶即使在最偏遠的地方,也能享用數位金融服務的核心功能!

Xfers culture

Xfers的團隊成員來自不同國家,包含新加坡、印尼與台灣等等。我們的團隊文化不僅多元,也重視每一位員工在Xfers的發展。我們希望每一位Xfers的夥伴能夠與公司一同成長-"Improve everyday and always learning"是Xfers團隊的DNA,我們期待有更多優秀的人才可以加入我們,並帶領團隊走向更好的未來。

Learn more about us!

Official Website:
Xfers Taiwan Medium:


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Technical Lead of Digital assets (StraitsX)
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Data Scientist
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Full Stack Engineer of Digital assets (StraitsX)
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Infra Engineer
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Backend Engineer of Digital assets (StraitsX)


Entry level
50K ~ 68K TWD / month

Entry level
55K ~ 70K TWD / month