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Logo of YOCTOL.AI.
Logo of YOCTOL.AI.
Logo of YOCTOL.AI.
Logo of YOCTOL.AI.

Company summary

我們帶領您踏上 AI 的浪潮、走入下一個創新產業的高峰 。 以前衛的 AI 運算技術,YOCTOL.AI 為程式開發人員、一般客戶、企業夥伴,及行銷人員,打造最完備的商業智慧環境。

Who we are
YOCTOL.AI, the leading AI-powered company that stands on the edge of providing diverse chatbot-related solutions tailored for people in all industries ranging from developers, marketers, all the way to customer service representatives.

Products or services

YOCTOL.AI 成功將 AI 技術應用於不同的產品中,成為不同產業 AI 化的得力助手。我們擁有三個不同的產品:Bottender - 具高度彈性的程式開發框架,Creator - 最智慧且快捷的聊天機器人平台,Seeker - 最簡便的線上精準行銷利器。

What we offer
We aim at implementing AI-based technology into our various services from the developer-friendly framework - Bottender, the smartest effort-free bot-building platform - Creator, and the most cost-effective marketing tool - Seeker.


YOCTOL.AI 致力於研發具突破性和開創性的 SaaS 產品,指導、激勵全球的 AI 技術使用者與追隨者。藉由機器學習與自然語言處理等 AI 創新技術,YOCTOL.AI 為 AI 聊天機器人生態圈的開創者。YOCTOL.AI 推出的一系列 AI 產品與服務,從開源程式架構、貼心智能客服、AI 數據分析,達成緊密且友善的商業服務關係,並為客戶提供最輕鬆且全面的商業智慧方案。

Our vision
YOCTOL.AI is guiding, elevating, and inspiring international AI followers by offering them breakthrough efficient and pioneering SaaS applications. Intending to lead enhancements of business intelligence. We bring impactful moments to increase sales, grow audience bases, and build close relationships with customers - all at once, and with ease.

Media coverage

如需了解更多,請參考 https://yoctol.ai/
To learn more about YOCTOL.AI, visit https://yoctol.ai/

Employee benefits

- 彈性上下班時間
- 有競爭力的薪水及福利

• Remote work, flexible working hours, flexible leaves
• Competitive salary package, fringe benefits of IT equipment, and bonus

Work environment

- 可以與一群年輕有趣的同事一起努力打造產品
- 彈性上下班時間
- 每週有 Happy Hour,每月有運動日
- 零食飲料每月補充,讓你上班吃飽飽

• Freedom in Work Environment
• Unlimited snacks and beverage
• Plentiful Activities
• Weekly happy hour, monthly birthday party, quarterly outing, annual company trip


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