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Zoelle is a new upscale fashion brand with initial target on the US athleisure wear market. Our primary focus is on being the world's premier visual artist in fashion, through artistic innovation. Our design team is led by an established international fashion artist who formerly held principle design role for fashion icon Issey Miyake, and subsequently designed key style pieces for Donna Karan, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs.

At Zoelle, we believe what you wear defines who you are, and where you are travelling on the path to self-fulfillment. We strive to propels your chromatic style and athleticism to an unseen level, and inspire you to courageously express your individuality, and expand beyond limitations.

Sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ

  • Athleisure wear, mainly leggings and sports bras.
  • Fashion accesories, such as scarves and bags.

Sứ mệnh

To be your visual artist in fashion design.

To establish Zoelle as the fashion house for unique designs that elevate the artistic expression of you, while enhancing form and function, through artistic innovations.

To re-define fashion by transforming simple geometric elements into visually impactful genres, and delivering discerning and dramatic looks that compliment all facets of your individuality and inspire you to make an impactful statement.

To design our products with an elegant blend of western and Asian influences.


Alex Tsai

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