Hank Lin 林政翰

Data Engineer/Scientist

  Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Hello, I am Hank Lin.
Graduated from Institute of statistics, NTHU, and major in data science.

Accumulate about 4 years of relevant experience in the field of data, currently working for Wistron corp..
Mainly as data scientist and data engineer and responsible for developing data-related tasks
Create a comprehensive data flow to provide correct data and high quality.
Also communicate and translate business problems to solve them with machine learning models.

Aim to be a professional data engineer and proficient in data science.

Email: [email protected]

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer •  Wistron Corporation

12/2020 - Present

Role in job (work proportion)
- Data scientist(45%)
- Data engineer(40%)
- RDB architecture(10%)
- Tech Leader(5%)

Job responsibilities
- Turn pain points into analyzable topics, build machine learning models, and apply them to the field, reducing product design exploration time by about 70%
Skills: Communication, Python, Machine Learning, Feature Engineering, Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA) 
- Communicate with clients to clarify business logic and transform to relevant ETL codes, and set up automation to run(cronjob), assist in reducing the time lag by 40% in data transmission
Skills: Logical clarification, python, RDBMS, visualization (plotly, matplotlib), kubernetes, docker
- Build services on Microsoft Azure, and set up a development environment to run services on the cloud

Skills: Azure, function app, MS SQL, azure data factory, docker
- Plan and build a data pipeline architecture to improve the stability of data flow and reduce the number of errors by about 40%

Skills: communication, function app, kubernetes, airflow 
- Import cicd and unit test in data into the department project, and use git to control the version of the library to improve product stability and data inheritance

Skills: git, unit testcicd, docker
- Participate in departmental recruitment activities, act as an interviewer to ask questions and summarize candidates' experience and abilities, and provide supervisor recruitment reference
Skills: Resume review, interview, communication, result compilation

Software Engineer  •  Wistron Corporation

08/2018 - 11/2020,  2 years and 3 months in total

Role in job (work proportion)
- Data scientist(80%)
- Data engineer(20%)

Job responsibilities
- Optimize data concatenation tasks and databases, reduce repeated transmission by 30%, improve maintenance and management efficiency, and speed up task execution efficiency by 40%
Skills: python, RDBMS, refactor, coding style
- Optimized the manpower dispatching project for direct labor and analyzed the turnover mode, and 
reached 70% prediction accuracy (MAPE)
Skills: python, machine learning, feature engineering, EDA, SQL, html, visualization (plotly, matplotlib)
- Develop a stocking and inventory simulator, and help establish a material usage forecast model. Aim to reduce inventory of materials.

Skills: R, R shiny, visualization(ggplot2) , FTP
- Optimized the operating efficiency of the material inventory simulator, saving 60% execution time and reducing memory usage by 30%

Skills: R, R shiny, refactor, matrix operations, coding style
- Build a dashboard of model results and automatically generate relevant indicators report to provide the team with a quick weekly review

Skills: R, linux(cron job), html, css, mail api

Research Assistant  •  NTHU, Institute of Statistics, Lab of Anne Chao

01/2016 - 08/2017, 1 and half years in total

Role in job (work proportion)
- Research assistant(75%)
- Teaching assistant(25%)

Job responsibilities
- Analyze ecological data and calculate ecological diversity indicators

Skills: Statistical Inference, python, R, C++
- Managed lab website, set up R shiny website, provided diversity analysis by foreign ecologists (presented in tables and visualizations)

Skills: R shiny, R, html, visualization(ggplot2), web server
- Derive the theory of ecological diversity, conduct sample sampling simulation with the concept of Bootstrap, and verify the results of mathematical formulas such as diversity indicators
Skills: Theoretical Inference, Sampling Simulation, Statistics
- Been a teaching assistant (TA) for statistics (university's class), biostatistics (master's class), category data analysis (master's class) courses

Skills: Statistics, Biostatistics, Category Data Analysis, Textbook Proofreading, Problem Solving


National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

Master's degree, Institute of Statistics 2015 - 2017

2016 Institute of Statistics Book Award
2016 National Taiwan University Statistical Paper Award

National Chung Hsing University (NTHU)

Bachelor's degree, Department of Applied Mathematics 2011 - 2015