郭昱 Kuo yu

I get to know more about cryptocurrency in September 2017, explored actively the technology and future trends. Had Invested in platform currencies such as COB, KCS, and BNB. Meanwhile, prefer long-term holdings ; continue to pay attention to the latest information on blockchains.
Plan to get in the blockchain industry in the future. Although there is no technical background, the business background and diverse work experience have enabled me to cut things and solve problems from different perspectives. Video editor and community marketing experience can help BITMAX develop more users.

Work Experience

Entrepreneurship internship in China - 中華文化產業促進會,2018. August
Event page / Roadshow PPT

I understand the development potential of China market and take this opportunity to accumulate experience and expland my network. During the period, I worked in the incubator's innovative service department, responsible for contacting startups and providing entrepreneurial assistance.
In addition, planned entrepreneurial project and tutoring courses . Thought about the theme within the time limit, and performed roadshows at the end of the internship.

Zombit Blockchain media - Editor / Social media marketing,2018. July - Now
Website / Facebook / Wechat

Writing tool teaching, currency introduction , article views 500+; establish and actual operate wechat of Zombit. Total views 1000+ Fans 100+ WeChat group number 50+ in two weeks.

旅行思維 Intern,2017. July - Now
旅行思維Facebook / Youtube

It's the live sharing platform of the traveler, I assists the speaker to organize and plan the briefing content, and shoots the teaser, and the cumulative number of 20 views 100k+. Assist in the operation of Youtube channel, learn to set SEO, community copywriting and push short video, currently 10,000 subscribers

17video Post-production,2017. August - 2018. July
17video Facebook / Youtube

The new online media, established in mid-2017, edits various types of video and distributes them to the Internet platform. Sometimes, I'm also be responsible for scripting, editing, and cooperate with marketing 
The cumulative video has exceeded 100+ and the total views are at least 400k

Photographer / cameraman,2016. October - Now

Photography is my interest,and strive for various opportunities for the accumulation of shooting experience ,like community posters, image photos, activity records, wedding assistants etc.
Have accumulated a variety of photography experience, and use those skills and experience to acomplish each project .


Tamkang University - Industrial Economics,2014 - 2019


To enrich myself before new innovations come. Because I'm optimistic about the opportunities brought by new technologies. Plan to get in the blockchain industry in the future.
The worldwide blockchain market has long been strictly restricted by policies,especially in China, and Taiwan has similar geography, language and culture. In addition to the high degree of freedom of financial regulations and technical talents, it is the first choice for capital organization. Maybe, Taiwan will play an important part in blockchain developing.
I have to prepare for the coming challenge.

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