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Jay Fajardo

Jay is a serial tech entrepreneur who has founded many startups over the years, and is an ardent advocate of innovation from the grass roots. 

 He is currently co-founder and CEO of digital health startup MEDIFI, founder and CEO of agile development shop PROUDCLOUD, the founder and CEO of LAUNCHGARAGE, an innovation hub based in Manila. 

 Co-founding MEDIFI in 2014, Jay is considered to be one of the pioneer innovators and thought leaders in the Philippine digital health ecosystem. 

In 2002, he founded Wi-Fi hotspot network Airborne Access, which was acquired by PLDT in 2008. 

 As a regular speaker at local and international forums on technology and social innovation, and holding roles as director, advisor, and mentor in various tech startups, Jay is considered to be one of the pioneers and shapers of the Philippine tech startup ecosystem. 

Founder and CEO/CTO at PROUDCLOUD • CEO at Launchgarage • CSO at Jojo Crowdshipping


[email protected]


MEDIFI Medtech Solutions (USA) Limited   JAN 16, 2020 - PRESENT



MEDIFI delivers remote healthcare solutions by providing a cloud based platform that connects patients to medical professionals regardless of location. Patients have access to video consultations, messaging, medical imaging, and a personal health profile that allows location independent medical consultations from the convenience of their own homes or offices. Starting with face to face sessions over our proprietary video calling features, Medifi will soon integrate with commercially available biometric devices delivering a more accurate and comprehensive diagnostic experience online.

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Konnektiv is a Berlin-based agency consulting and conducting cooperation projects thematically orientated around information and communication technology (ICT) in international development. Konnektiv focuses on new innovative approaches in development cooperation, the adoption of digital media, and the use of new and open technologies in development contexts. 

 In March of 2020, Jay was a principal consultant in a GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) commissioned study of the South East Asian Innovation Ecosystem in the Philippines (Manila, Cebu), Indonesia (Djakarta, Medan), Vietnam (Ho Chi MInh City, Da Nang), and Sri Lanka (Colombo). The purpose of the study was to identify which aspects of each ecosystem require and would benefit from developmental support from the agency in the coming years. After conducting visits, meetings, and workshops with the local actors and stakeholders of each innovation ecosystem, the project team delivered a report of its initial findings, assessment, and recommendations.

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Formally established in 1988, the PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies (PJLGC) is a dynamic, multi-industry company that owns and operates businesses dealing with financial services such as pawning, remittance, microinsurance, micro savings, and business to business micro loan solutions. They have also ventured into other industries such as retail, hotel and restaurant management, IT, sports management, and real estate.

As one of two external members of the committee, Jay advises the board and management teams of the conglomerate in its digital transformation roadmap, impacting operations, its personnel, and the evolution of products and services. 

Specifically, the role also involves:

  • Developing a systematic, measurable and continuous digital transformation strategy of the company.
  • Making sound recommendations on where the business should go in terms of technologies that can be adopted to maintain sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Reviewing all digitalization projects to makes sure that these projects are aligned with the industry standards, and the company's digital business strategy.

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JOJO CROWDSHIPPING    SEP 1, 2018 - FEB 28, 2020



Jojo is a two-sided app based marketplace that connects B2C and B2B customers with a community of couriers that can deliver packages in Metro Manila and surrounding provinces. The app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded from

Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, Jay assists with developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining the company’s strategic initiatives. He helped materialise the collective vision and goals of the CEO, the board, and the key officers, into actual and actionable milestones, strategies, and contingencies to help achieve successful outcomes. In line with this, Jay was responsible for formalizing the company’s strategic-planning processes, leading the development of the strategy, translating it for people across functions and business units, drive organizational change forging new working relationships and synergies across the organization, and establishing greater transparency and accountability for those people carrying out the company’s strategy. In line with his role as CSO, Jay strives to be continuously attuned to situations that required agile shifts in strategic or tactical direction, alerting the key management team to these situations, orchestrate sensible analysis, and rally them to respond in an effective way.

Jay was also responsible for:

  • Leading the development of the strategic plan/framework for the organization, and the detailed current year operating plan, while adhering to direction set by the CEO and Board of Directors. This includes formalizing and leading the strategic planning process, focusing on long term trends and outlook, and competitive intelligence.

  • Facilitating the execution of the strategy by working collaboratively with the other Executive Team members and ensuring that the strategy is communicated and easily understood by all throughout the organization. Ensuring that strategic actions are completed at various levels to achieve desired results.

  • Ensuring that appropriate metrics are in place to measure performance and progress towards strategic goals.

  • Acting as a key advisor to Chief Executive Officer on critical changes in the competitive landscape, global marketplace and external business environment

  • Engaging external business and industry experts to learn and influence business strategies, constantly remaining alert and forward-thinking about opportunities and risks in the industry.

  • Leading the development and implementation of consistent practices, strategic frameworks across the company.

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of a knowledge management infrastructure and leads in the management of organizational knowledge as a strategic asset to further the organization’s goals.

  • Leading the organization’s approach to measurement and evaluation with a focus on the creation of an organizational dashboard for impact and organizational effectiveness

  • Recommending and implementing productivity and communications technology, tools, and systems that will promote organization wide collaboration, task management, transparency, and knowledge sharing. 
In addition to the above, the Jay also provides his technology expertise and knowledge to assist and advise colleagues in specific concerns that include:

  • Corporate matters that may include investor relations, fund raising strategies, equity structure, and corporate jurisdiction options.

  • Market scanning/analysis, and corresponding strategies through both traditional and digital media.

  • Product Market Fit determination, iterative product development, usability and usage analytics, and feature-set recommendation and rationalisation.

  • Possible strategies that will employ the Blockchain or other Distributed Ledger Technologies, for both fundraising via an ICO, and employing these technologies as part of the product's underlying transaction mechanism, asset storage, or customer payment infrastructure.

  • Recommend best practices, tools, and technologies that may be used throughout the product design, build, test, and feedback phases. This will include agile project management approaches that will insure an efficient allocation of resources and more accurate release ship estimates.

  • Recommend best practices, tools, and workflow on the architecture and development environment to reduce the occurrence of technical debt, produce readable and an easily transferrable code base, provide pro-active error reporting, and automated code testing prior to production releases.

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GAMEWORKS     NOV 1, 2018 - DEC 31, 2019



Gameworks is a blockchain based platform that provides a tokenised gaming ecosystem to game developers and publishers. With its 4 key modules; Gamecentral (, GWX Wallet (, GWX Token Depot (, and the Gameworks Service Stack (GSS) API, the platform makes use of the GWX token to drive the economic flow between publishers, games, merchants, and players.

At Gameworks, Jay was responsible for:

  • Designed and created the business model and engineering architecture powering the entire Gameworks ecosystem. 
  • Designed and executed the Private Sale purchase and disbursment infrastructure of the GWX token to certified early buyers of the GWX token using the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Nem cryptocurrencies.
  • Together with the Chief Legal Officer, helped develop and execute the legal compliance roadmap for the various Gameworks business units and jurisdictions with regards to gaming and cryptocurrency. 

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PROUDCLOUD is a full stack development firm that has been building web and mobile technologies for global startups, medium, and large enterprises since 2009. It's currently participating in the emerging machine economy by expanding its work to the internet of things, machine learning, and data driven platforms. The company serves clients in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, and the Philippines. As founder and CEO, Jay has successfully built an evolving agile development team and process that established the company as the country's leading Ruby on Rails development firm. Through the years, the company's technology stack has expanded to Javascript technologies (such as Node.js, Angular, React, Vue), NoSQL, Android/iOS development, IOT and embedded systems, machine learning, and the blockchain.

Jay is also responsible for:

  • implementing the company's agile workflow that follows a hybrid SCRUM/XP methodology, pair programming, peer code reviews, automated testing and continuous integration, and automated deployment;
  • developing a full stack workforce that produces engineers that can overlap, in varying degrees, their front-end development, back-end development, ui/ux design, and devops competencies;
  • continuous training and development for the company's human resources in all departments, including production operations, finance, administrative, and the rest of the organization;
  • encourages the active participation of the company in the technology and startup communities such as Startup Weekend, JSConf Manila, RubyConf Manila, and other communities, resulting in a high brand equity for the company in these circles.
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MEDIFI is a HIPPAA compliant, WebRTC based, telehealth platform that connects patients with physicians globally, through video consultations, and instant messaging. The platform also includes a DICOM imaging manager/viewer, digital prescriptions, and a personal medical journal.

As the CTO of MEDIFI, Jay is responsible for,

  • building the company's engineering team to its current size of 8 developers and ui/ux designers support the product development roadmap; 
  • designing the architecture and technology stack for the MVP and current version of the platform that is built on Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MongoDB, WebRTC, and utilizes Amazon EC2/S3 for staging and production deployments;
  • designing and currently leading the development of the paltform's next iteration which will heavily be designed to support a microservices architecture and migration towards a more robust WebRTC and signalling implementation, in order to properly scale;
  • play a major role in the agile product development path, including feature design scheduling, and roll out; 
  • represented the company in various tech startup and health tech conventions, events, and pitching events around the world, selected as an Angel's Choice awardee at the 2015 Websummit in Dublin, Ireland, and winning best startup at the 2016 APEC O2O Forum in Lima, Peru.
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Launchgarage is an accelerator and tech innovation hub in Manila that provides a venue for open collaboration, knowledge sharing, events, acceleration, and a landing pad for global startups and investors that  connect with the Philippine startup ecosystem. With its key relationships with global innovation hubs such as Plug and Play in Silicon Valley, Launchgarage is also sought after by local innovation drivers such as UP Enterprise UPSCALE, the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of ICT, and the Department of Science and Technology, for guidance and support.

Launchgarage has over 28 tech startups with an aggregate total valuation of US$61.2M under its advisory portfolio, and has guided a good number of these startups by connecting them with strategic partners, investors, and mentors. It also serves as innovation advisors to number of large corporate partners through its Corporate Innovation Programs. 

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AIRBORNE ACCESS     2002 - 2008



Jay established the country’s first Wi-Fi hotspot operator eventually becoming the largest and most popular Wi-Fi network in the Philippines with over 600 hotspots throughout the country. While leading and growing the company from a management perspective, he also played the lead role in developing the product and brand as well as the technology architecture.

As CEO, Jays role was to define the company’s vision, drive product development, act as chief strategist, while bearing P&L responsibilities.

  • Developed the company’s overall business plan encompassing Financial, Technological, Marketing, and Sales/Distribution concerns.
  • Developed the core technologies to support a secure and centralized authentication of subscribers through captive portal technology and RADIUS AAA.
  • Built and trained a team of engineers to support the company’s development and network management requirements in relation to the wireless hotspot business model.
  • Organized and directed the company’s management team through the start-up and succeeding day-to-day concerns.
  • Successfully initiated strategic partnerships with various wireless related firms to support the company’s network deployment as well as implement joint marketing activities and co-branding.
  • Successfully deployed over 600 wireless hotspots and hotzones around the country.
  • Expanded Wi-Fi hotspot operations to Nigeria, Thailand, and New Zealand.
  • Implemented Voice over IP capabilities over the entire network through Wi-Fi SIP phones and dual mode handsets.
  • Successfully established the company as a white label solutions provider for the country’s major carriers including PLDT, SMART, BayanTel, and Eastern Telecoms.

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PACIFIC SUN (ASIA), LTD.     JUL 2000 - APR 2002



As Managing Director of Pacific Sun, Jay was in charge of building the company’s wholesale Voice-over-IP network with points-of-presence in Manila, Thailand, and Vietnam. He designed and implemented the company’s VOIP network operations that included redundant high speed IP links and fault tolerant data centers in Bangkok, Manila, and other remote sites throughout Asia. Jay also developed and executed the company’s business processes which included marketing strategies, billing and collection systems, QOS, and network operations.

He also established strategic relationships with wholesale long distance carriers and telcos in the Philippines, Japan, and the United States. During his stint at Pacific Sun, the company’s VOIP network supported millions of long distance minutes per month.




At GDA, Fajardo designed and implemented the company’s VOIP network, data center, and business processes. The company’s VOIP network supported an average of 3 million minutes of long distance voice traffic per month, into Vietnam.




Jay played a key role in developing and publishing what was to be the country’s first newspaper to establish a presence on the web.

Aside from forming the technology foundation of the new media company, he developed various web based applications that would be integrated into the core web site, including a search engine of the newspaper archives and pioneered the use of Java and Javascript.

He also led the orientation and implementation team for the Press Foundation of Asia’s NETCENTER project, a UNDP funded, internet based network of press organizations throughout Asia. He conducted on-site training, orientation, and execution of digital journalism at the various member press institutes in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Kathmandu, New Delhi, and Dhaka, linking them to the NETCENTER network hub in Manila.

As Technology Director, Jay was also responsible for:

  • directing the network and technology architecture that would support the organization's daily web publishing operations, and the peripheral digital products that would emerge over the life the company; 
  • designed, developed, and implemented CODEX, the web search engine for the Businessworld online archives;

SYNTHESYS     1991 - AUGUST 1995



As president and lead software engineer at Synthesys, Fajardo and his team served the bespoke IT applications requirements of various companies in the Philippines which included, Compania de Filipinas (TABACALERA), and Unilever.

IGUE SYSTEMS     1989 - AUGUST 1991



IGUE Systems was an early oursourced software engineering company that primarily support software development and engineering companies in Japan.

At Igue Systems, Fajardo was part of a team that developed

  • the Basic Interpreter for the SHARP’s pocket computer platform;
  • platform that tracked the migratory behavior of Pawikan sea turtles for the the DENR.




As a member of the company’s IT group, Fajardo migrated the group’s entire software development and database environment from legacy Cobol to the xBase platform. His systems development work included applications to support the company’s General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable processing.

Jay also headed a team that implemented an early wireless data communications network using Single Side Band frequencies connecting the company’s offices in Makati, Masbate, and Cebu.

Other Highlights


B.S. Commerce, Major in Business Management


Expert fluency in spoken and written ENGLISH

Native fluency in spoken and written FILIPINO (Tagalog)

Intermediate proficiency in spoken and written SPANISH

Elementary proficiency in spoken THAI

Jay regularly speaks at

re:publica (Berlin)
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Asia-Pacific Week (Berlin)
2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Geeks on a Beach (Philippines)
2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Organizational Affiliations

Board of Advisors 2018 SXSW Accelerator (Austin)

Board Member, Global Innovation Gathering e.V. (Berlin)

Member, StartHub AsiaBerlin 2016, 2017, 2018

Past President, Rotary Club of the Makati Business District, D-3830 for the RY 2015-2016

Mentor, Founders Institute Manila

Advisory Board Roles

Indigo Research AI
Social Light, Inc.


NAUI Certified Scuba Diver since 1992

Center Half, Left Winger,  Superbad FC in the Weekend Futbol League

Recreational Boxing and Badminton

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