Jen Jen Jiang

MBAData AnalystCommercial Enhancement |Digital transformation |Go to market strategist
Jen Jen holds diplomas of MBA and MSc in Information System. He possesses 10-year experience in analytics, project management, and go-to-market strategies. He can translate global initiatives to regional/local level and lead analytics projects to drive sales, optimize channel management, CRM, and business operations


  • Machine Learning, Python, SQL, SPSS, Power BI, Tableau, Salesforce, WEKA, Excel Pivot, Data Visualization, Data Management, Google Analytics
  • Strategy Planning, Project Management, Operations Management, Channel Management, CRM, Sales Funnel, Cost Benefit Analysis, Public Speaking
  • English (full professional proficiency) • Mandarin (native proficiency) • French (elementary proficiency) • Japanese (limited working proficiency)


Senior Sales Analyst - APAC, Thermo Fisher Scientific. 03/2021 – Present

  • Reinvented business metrics, optimized sales funnel, and strengthened key account monitor mechanism to support APJ countries achieving $450M commercial goal (+21% YoY) 
  • Rebuilt a statistic-based pricing model for 30M-reagent tenders in India. Streamlined the price decision time and increased win-rate by 30% 
  • Enhanced demand and supply forecast of weekly 2M+ reagents and 100+ units of instruments and collaborate with global/country teams to overcome spike demand and production material shortage
  • Conducted market research and supported go-to-market strategies for COVID asymptomatic testing market and LDT infectious diseases market

Data Analyst - APAC,  Thermo Fisher Scientific. 08/2019 – 03/2021

  • Supported $700M market of Specialty Diagnostics Group APJ region. Standardized a channel sales funnel for10+ countries, predicting high success-rate opportunities and preventing quotation missing. Efforts increased 20% quotation rate and 5% opportunity coverage rate 
  • Led a commercial forecasting project in India, aiming at proper sales targets, covering the gap of  $1M for 2019 sales targets 
  • Implemented a channel partner portal for distributors in 10+ countries to fortify partnership. Designed KPIs,  dashboards, and data pipelines on SFDC and Power BI to provide insights and improve distributor's performance, increasing sales operations efficiency by 10% 
  • Developed bottoms-up bridge models, automatically connecting finance DB for Annual-Operating-Program purpose in 5 countries, providing  revenue forecast on product lines and potential initiatives    
  • Published 'Data Analysis Playbook' including the data policy, analytics method, technical skills, indicators design and data management 

Senior Business Analysis Supervisor,  Amway. 03/2017 – 08/2018

  • Analyzed distributors data and built an actuarial model to calculate cost and benefit, launching a new local-pin of an award in the Taiwan market, raising the pin-move-up rate by 3% YoY and increasing per customer transaction of new member by 1.5 times 
  • Analyzed distributors profiles and purchase-behavior, identifying Amway buyer-journey and building a customer-churn model by Python and SPSS. Our team efforts reduced the customer-lapsed rate by 10% YoY
  • Conducted projects with marketers and data engineers to clarify merchandise features and to dig merchandise association rules and deliver marketing promotions accordingly, raising product sales by 1.5 times contemporary comparison
  • Delivered A/B tests by experiments on promotion schemes for new members, increasing the activation rate of new members by 12% 

Project Manager, Toyota Motor Corporation. 09/2013 – 03/2017

  • Built ML predictive models to optimize capacity and improved car-repairing process, raising car-repairing efficiency by 10% YoY
  • Led a 4-member team to enhance product-sales efficiency by 1.85 times YOY through analyzing 1,200,000 records of data, building forecast models by Azure ML and Python, identifying customer groups, and targeting right customers
  • Teamed up with 2 engineers and carried out A/B tests on web and APP, using statistical methods to proof process-design enhancements. Our efforts grew up purchasing performance by 6% contemporary comparison
  • Teamed up with 3 members, aligned 3 affiliate companies and 4 hardware suppliers to build an Internet of Vehicle service. The service covered 8% of Toyota market, generated NT$ 6 million service revenues and reduced NT$ 2 million costs of customer service within one year

Business Analyst,  Ernst & Young Advisory. 08/2012 – 08/2013

  • Client: hTC. Collected client needs and optimized hTC business process. Efforts won a NTD 2M maintenance contract with clients 
  • Client: YULON motor. Addressed customer needs and designed a middleware of IT architecture for clients


  • MSc in Management, concentration in Finance (08/2018 – 06/2019) - emlyon business school, Lyon France 
  • MSc in Information Systems (09/2010 – 06/2012), MBA(09/2017-06/2019) - National Chengchi University, Taipei Taiwan

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