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Up to 30 job postings
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Browse & search all applicants
Browse & search all applicants
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Our Users Love Us!

The talent database is huge. You can search talents via keywords, years of experiences, and locations. Applicants’ profiles are pretty clear at a glance to highlight their personal styles, enabling recruiters to quickly find right fit. We have already found multiple fits through CakeResume.
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Customizable resumes and intuitive user interface make CakeResume a favorable choice by employers. With a more proactive approach than traditional human banks, we can accurately and effectively find the suitable talents at the same time reach international talents to increase the recruiting success rate.
HR Specialist
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CakeResume’s clear and comprehensible resumes not only highlight applicants’ strengths but also allow managers to efficiently go through resumes to get the gist of applicants’ expertise. It is exciting to have had a successful recruitment in such a short time! With CakeResume, we’re able to reach out to applicants from different platforms and diversified our sourcing channels.
Senior HR Specialist
Trend Micro
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CakeResume’s clear and easy to use search tools and UI, straightforward resume templates and management tools all allow us to quickly find the right fit who fits in with the company culture and meet’s the company’s needs. CakeResume is the next generation’s talent matching platform.
Wei-Fan Chen
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Resumes we received via CakeResume were highly personalized, creative, and unique and gave us a better idea of who the candidates are, shining a light on their strengths and work style. It allowed us to find the most suitable candidates easier. What’s more, CakeResume provide different ways for employers to contact candidates instantly, which was a great help!
Christy Huang
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With CakeResume, search is easy with a simple and intuitive interface. Our database contains more diverse resumes than typical job banks do. CakeResume’s resume layout also provides a clear visual presentation of job seekers’ portfolio.
Sr. HR Assistant Manager
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CakeResume turned the traditional resume into a personal website. It allows companies to see more creative and proactive job seekers and to filter candidates on a primary basis. With CakeResume’s help, the match rate and hire rate have been pretty high. Besides its easy to use search tools and self-explanatory contents, its huge RD talent database is what we love about CakeResume!
Sr. HR Specialist
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The UI design of CakeResume is clean, and its resume builder is getting more and more functional. Employers are able to detect candidates via the design & conception of their resumes. We have targeted and interviewed some candidates on CakeResume, and the qualities are fine. CakeResume provides us another channel to search for excellent talents, and we look forward to the benefit it will bring to us!
HR Specialist
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Will the previous (more than 1 month) applicant records be removed for free plan users?

No. All applicant records will remain. You will be able to view more detailed information and applicants’ resumes after an upgrade.

How will CakeResume help promote my job postings?

CakeResume Job Search Engine and algorithm will preferentially promote paid enterprises’ jobs to increase their visibility. In addition, CakeResume recruitment consultants will assist Prime plan users in optimizing job descriptions to accelerate the hiring process.

How to use Google Analytics to track company pages?

Tracking company page's traffic via Google Analytics is one of the features for "Enterprise" plan users. After setting up a new property on Google Analytics, acquiring "Tracking ID". After pasting it to the setting page, you can begin to track your company pages, including company’s about page, team introduction page, and applicants’ page.for more details

How will CakeResume assist me in organizing recruitment events?

First, CakeResume team will get to know your recruitment needs to customize the events. CakeResume will be responsible for promotion, selling tickets, and arranging venues.

Where will the company interview articles be published?

Company interview articles will be published on CakeResume’s blog. After the publication, we would also promote the articles on CakeResume’s social media.

Who is the audience of CakeResume’s Podcast - “Tech Career”?

Tech Career” is created by CakeResume. We invite people working in technology, digital, and innovation fields to share their stories and career perspectives. It is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Anchor. Each episode attracts 1000+ audiences who are highly interested in developing careers in tech.

After canceling the subscription of upgraded-plan, will it take effect immediately?

No. After the cancellation is made, the subscription would still be valid until the end date of the plan. For example, if you subscribed to a monthly plan and canceled the subscription after 20 days, it would still be valid for 10 more days. You can still enjoy the features of the upgrade during the period.

How to cancel subscription of upgraded-plan?

If you would like to cancel the subscription, go to the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner and click on "Account and Billing". Select "Cancel" under “Current Plan”. for more details

How to request a 7-day refund for upgraded-plan?

After the upgrade, you have 7 days to evaluate if the service meets your expectations. If not, you can cancel the subscription anytime and request a full refund within the period. for more details

Not sure which plan is right for you?
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