Jia Hao Hu

Associate Researcher

Dedicated Software Developer with 5+ Years of Experience

  • Hands-on experiences in developing image recognition applications.
  • Experienced in Android program optimization, reducing the execution speed of the original project by 60%.
  • Familiar with front-end and back-end development, including RESTful APIs implementation, microservices, monitoring, database schema design, and log collection.
  • Implemented corporate initiatives, often functioning as a change agent.
  • Received Chunghwa Telecom’s “Outstanding Employee Award”.

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Work Experience

Associate Researcher  •  Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.

December 2016 - Present

  • Created and maintained face feature extraction mobile SDKs for iOS and Android 
    • Refactored the code from MVP to the MVVM design pattern.
    • Utilized iOS/Android camera API and Tensorflow-lite framework to develop face recognition applications.
    • Used a convolutional neural network to train a facial landmark model to implement a liveness detection function.
    • Accomplishments 
      • Cooperated with the security team to develop the FIDO-certified biometric authentication SDK demonstrated at FinTech Taipei 2018. Link
      • Developed a recognition application for police patrol selected as the conceptual product at the Chunghwa 5G Demo Day.
  • Developed and maintained a customer analysis platform for retailers to optimize their store layout.  
    • Responsible for front-end and back-end development based on the Spring framework.
    • Adopted the responsive design for better user experience across devices especially optimized for dashboard display.
    • Merged all image recognition services into the platform and provided related APIs.
    • Integrated Line/Telegram APIs to send alerts to store owners when specific users walk into the store.
    • Technique
      • OS: Linux (Ubuntu)
      • Environment: Tomcat
      • API: RESTful
      • Database: MariaDB, Redis
      • Monitoring:  Prometheus, Grafana
      • Test: JUnit 
      • Software: Docker
    • Accomplishment 
      • Performed a proof of concept with well-known retailers.
  • Led the team to adopt Scrum and DevOps 
    • Worked with Scrum Master to identify the bottlenecks when running Scrum, define new execution processes,  and provide success cases for team members.
    • Applied Jenkins/Azure to execute the CI/CD processes including issue tracking, code control, build, test, release and deploy.
    • Leveraged Microsoft Azure platform to deploy microservices onto target machines on CHT Hicloud.


2014 - 2016

National Central University

Master's degree in Computer Science

2011 - 2014

National Central University

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science



   Azure      Jenkins      Docker      Git      JIRA  

Programming Language

   Java      Python      C/C++      Swift      HTML     JavaScript


   IntelliJ       Visual Studio Code      Xcode  

SDK / Framework

   Android      iOS      Spring Framework      NVIDIA Deepstream     OpenCV  

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