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Senior Software Engineer in Test(Automation)
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Senior Software Engineer in Test(Automation)
如果需要一個有經驗的自動化軟體測試工程師, 您可以透過 CakeResume 的履歷來了解我的資訊。 我在 Python 相關技術棧方面有豐富的實戰經驗,擅長開發自動化測試架構/腳本,用以提高測試效率與品質。 也能夠依照需求開發各種便利性自動化工具, 提高團隊與公司同仁的工作效率。 我熟悉各種測試框架和工具,例如 pytest、locust、selenium, httprunner 等,也能運用 Git 進行版本控制,以及搭配 Jenkins 做到 CI/CD/CT 。 我能夠完全獨立作業,同時也擁有良好的團隊合作和溝通能力。 此外,我也具備開發 RESTful API 伺服器以及 Redis 資料庫的經驗,還可以使用 appium 開發手機用測試腳本。我還擁有使用 TensorFlow 的卷積神經網路技術(CNN)開發驗證碼識別模型的經驗。 我非常注重程式碼的執行效率和效能優化,因此在開發過程中習慣使用效能檢測工具來測試程式碼的執行效率。 我也熟悉使用提高效能的 Python 相關套件/編譯方式,例如 NumPy、Numba、Cython 等等,也會使用Pandas 與 NumPy 進行資料分析和處理。 我擁有豐富的自動化開發經驗,且應變能力極強, 如果想更了解我,歡迎參閱CakeResume 履歷。 現職為一博弈遊戲軟體自動化開發工程師。 工作內容: 依任務開發自動化測試之框架與腳本。60% 定期維護持續運作之自動化相關服務。10% 依特定目的開發內部便利性web服務。15% 協助他人排除測試開發問題與分享交流。10% 特殊任務指派協助處理。5%
Taipei City, Taiwan

Professional Background

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    QA / Test Engineer
    Python Developer
    Back-end Engineer
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    10-15 years (2-4 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Python Programming
    Pytest Framework
    Tesseract OCR
    API Automation
    API Testing
    QA Automation
    qa plan and strategy
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    Native or Bilingual
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    Interested in working remotely
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    QA automation engineer / Software development engineer in test
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    Taipei City, Taiwan
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Work Experience

Sr.QA Engineer

Oct 2020 - Present
Write code for Automatic Testing. Design the verification framework. Integrate automaion test system to jenkins. Maintain any systems/tools for QA team. 1. gambling games verification system Six platforms, a total of about 200 games Completely non-repetitive game about 50+-, The number of light repetitions with slightly different game logic for the same gameplay is about 70-80 ★Effect: 20000 rounds of verification takes about 10-15 minutes (depending on the connection speed) About 25-50 items are verified for each game 2. Jenkins system ★Effect: Save manpower and time cost 3. Postman APIs Six-platform background verification - js grammar to write the whole set of api verification process in the background - newman tool gui - Subsequent import of jenkins, custom parameter execution - Loop/Scheduling/Timeout/Quantity ★Effect: A total of 160 api verifications can be completed within 30 seconds (depending on server speed) 4. websocketer automated game framework construction ★Effect windows 10, 16gb ram, i7 cpu A single PC can simultaneously online at least 350 robots Depending on the game flow, if a round is 45 seconds Matching games can produce about 28,000 rounds of records in one hour 5. Auto get dump -- Get the protocol automatically from the game front-end through http request -- Import the front-end js code to decrypt the required information. -- This tool was developed to provide full automation 6. websocket automatic game update protocol usage ★Effect: Save manpower and time cost 7. Automatic betting ball version script A Process---automatic betting process B Process---obtaining a website authorization certificate Mainly execute selenium to obtain credentials, Use selenium to remotely drive docker webdriver Inside the docker container Mount selenium and chrome's webdriver ------------------------------------------------------- at least change the websocket way to get info for fast process. ★Effect: In 30 minutes can finished the loop, total bet site is more then 12000 counts. every handicap, every sport, every game, every point. 8. Sports Odds Verification -- Understand and write various odds, 0.25/0.75/cross-off...etc. -- There is no specification for this project, -- black box testing -- White box report ★Effect: same as first project

QA Engineer

Jun 2019 - Sep 2020
1 yr 4 mos
Test case writing -Use case test plan for current project production requirements. ✓ Perform the test process -Execute test cases, report issues, bug tracker ✓ Test objectives -Docker/angular background system data verification -Egret develops front-end game product project ✓ Common tools (software) -xshell, postman, selenium(autohotkey), selenium(ide), AirTest(python ide), -During project execution, use autohotkey to write automated test scripts and automated operating procedures. ✓Familiar with the bug tracking system -jira, praying mantis, zendesk, redmine ✓Management positions -Assign test work items -Share test positions -Reproduce bugs that are difficult to reproduce -Re-inspection of the final product -Write automated test scripts for colleagues to use -Preparation of test report and regular meeting report progress

Customer Service Leader

Nov 2018 - Feb 2019
4 mos
This position is mainly related to the company's customer service ✓ Reply to customer service system letters -Dealing with player cases in the back row. -Including consumption/account/game content/activity/reporting/violation appeal...etc. -Frequently use game tools to query history and reply with auxiliary letters. ✓ Processing government documents -Preparation of consumer rights protection case handling procedures and response template forms. -Respond to consumer insurance (consumption disputes) cases from various government agencies. -Participate in consumer insurance-related meetings and negotiate consumer disputes. -Respond to police enquiries to read the game history. ✓Customer service management positions -Education and training. -Analyze data to improve quality. -Questions are collected and reported to the head office. —— Suggestions on optimizing and perfecting the customer service system. ✓Customer service SOP development -Outsourcing customer service reply template development. -Set up the process of handling game exception notifications. ——Develop a process for handling individual cases. -The production of various excel function data tables. ✓Korea headquarter CS exchange window -Report, confirm and track abnormal issues. -Information sharing of common processing methods in Taiwan's game industry. —— Suggestions on improving the customer service system.

Customer Service Leader

Mar 2017 - Sep 2018
1 yr 7 mos
✓ Reply to customer service system letters ✓Fan community/private message reply ✓Game test ✓Activity support: -Sorting out the list of fan club activities. -Provide opinions on analysis activities. -In-game activities to perform tests. -The list of offline activities is confirmed by phone. -Online live event to support (voice control, screen, editor... etc.). ✓ Processing of government official documents ✓Customer Service Management Position - Education Training. -Analyze data to improve quality. -Problem collection and reporting to the head office. -Proposals for optimizing and improving the customer service system. ✓Customer service job SOP development ✓Korea head office CS communication window ✓VIP customer service. ✓Fan group management ✓Operational data analysis. ✓Line@community management ✓Overseas event support -2017 Los Angeles event support. -A single person accompanies Taiwan and Hong Kong two contestants. -Assist the players to communicate and discuss events related to the event. -The above itinerary is one week in L.A.

Customer Service

Jun 2016 - Feb 2017
9 mos
1. Mail customer service: Reply to the user's letter asking about in-game or use-related questions. 2. Fan Club Administrator: The user sends a letter to ask about in-game or use-related questions.

Customer Service

May 2010 - Mar 2016
5 yrs 11 mos
1. Telephone customer service: answer users' calls to inquire about product-related matters. 2. Mail customer service: Reply to user's letter asking about product-related matters. 3. Game manager: monitor whether there are any abnormalities in the game and answer user questions. 4. Case application: Provide support for individual issues. If there is a case, assist in querying information and submit an application. After submission, it will be reviewed by the supervisor. 5. Violation inspection and review: Audit users who may have inappropriate situations in the game, and make judgments based on the situation. 6. Product problem troubleshooting: If there are obstacles in the execution of each game, find out the cause of the problem and eliminate it. At the same time, write the most effective and simple response process for this problem elimination method for users and colleagues to eliminate. 7. Product testing: Testing for products that are not yet on the market and on the market. The first test is whether the product content has major program loopholes that have been generated by previous products. And in the testing process, some suggestions can be made to make the product have a better development focus.


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