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Software Engineer
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Software Engineer
As a software engineer with five years of experience in app development, I specialize in Android technologies and applications. ✓ Proficient in both independent development and teamwork. ✓ Experienced in multiple programming languages and systems, including Java, Kotlin, and Flutter, spanning across both Android and iOS platforms.
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SingularWings Medical.
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Kaohsiung Medical University 高雄醫學大學
Hsinchu City, 台灣

Professional Background

  • Current status
    Ready to interview
  • Profession
    Android Developer
    App Developer
    Java Developer
  • Fields
    Internet of Things (IoT)
    Mobile Apps
  • Work experience
    4-6 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
  • Languages
    Native or Bilingual
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    Software Engineer
  • Desired work locations
    Hsinchu, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
  • Freelance

Work Experience

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Software engineer

Sep 2019 - Present
Hsinchu, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Collaborating closely with backend engineers, algorithm engineers, UI designers, and the marketing department, mainly working on the development/revisions/maintenance of "BeatInfo Health 必應健康". Technologies primarily used include Kotlin/Java, with the writing of Android SDK programs and some cross-platform Flutter programs. Job Responsibilities: - Developing core features (e.g., Android SDK development, managing multiple Bluetooth connections, integrating algorithm JNI, MVVM architecture, backend data integration, background application services...) - Developing program pages (e.g., physiological information cards, historical data charts, group management, personalized history management...) - Developing in-house tools (e.g., Tools cross-platform OTA firmware update application, In-house algorithm testing programs...) - Building multiple custom service applications (e.g., IRB offline data collection program, production signal monitoring program) - Maintaining routine program bug fixes. - Utilizing Scrum for team collaboration and development process management - Using Git for program version control / writing development documents / introducing and evaluating new technologies - Managing application feedback using Google Analytics
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Project intern

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019
6 mos
Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300
【Service System Technology Center】 Participated in health and fitness program projects, developing exercise-related applications, and assisting with project routine tasks. Job Responsibilities: - Responsible for monitoring exercise intensity programs, visualizing chart data analysis display - Developing tool programs (e.g., examples of health passbook integration programs) - Participating in project field experiments
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Research assistant

Feb 2018 - Feb 2019
1 yr 1 mo
Hsinchu City, Taiwan 300
【Information Technology Department / Nephrology Department】 Responsible for the development/maintenance of KidneyHealthiCKD (Android + iOS). This system provides patients with the ability to record physiological values (blood pressure/blood sugar/diet) at home, view historical laboratory data, and access a list of health education videos. Job Responsibilities: - Conducting requirement interviews and system planning and design - Responsible for application programming and maintenance - Launching the app on dual-platform systems


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Master’s Degree
Medical Informatics
2018 - 2021
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Bachelor of Science (BS)
Healthcare Administration and Medical Informatics
2014 - 2018

Licenses & Certifications


Credential ID: voler-21-0000059
Issued Mar 2021
No Expiration Date

IEC62304 Software Life Cycle Management

Credential ID: voler-21-0000041
Issued Mar 2021
No Expiration Date

ISO14971:2019 Risk Management

Credential ID: voler-21-00000 22
Issued Mar 2021
No Expiration Date