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Private Investigator
Adam Quirk is a professional who has been working in criminal justice for close to 20 years. He is the Principle Owner, as well as Private Investigator, at Stealth Advise. He has extensive expertise in criminal and private investigations. Adam Quirk offers his clients a range of services including conducting research and background checks.
University of Wisconsin
Dallas, TX, USA

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    More than 15 years
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    Demonstrate Consistent Networking
    Communicated Effectively
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    Strong Leadership
    Report Writing
    Team Leadership
    Background Checks
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Work Experience

Global Investigator

Jan 2019 - Present
◾ Produce investigative reports and threat assessments for the designated region/function. ◾ Analyze and assess risks and threats to Facebooks people, assets and reputation across the designated region/function. ◾ Complete team projects and products at the direction of the Manager of Investigations. ◾ Support an environment of protecting Facebooks people, assets, and reputation through reporting, intelligence and information sharing, and partnering with Global Security and cross - functional FB partners


Jan 2015 - Present
◾ Prepare thorough reports, memorandums and summaries outlining investigation facts data and relevant investigative information for clients and attorneys ◾ Interview subjects, victims, complainants, and witnesses in order to gather and evaluate evidence ◾ Obtain and examine records, reports, transcripts, correspondence, and other data of consequence to the transactions or allegations under investigation ◾ Verify, corroborate and establish relationships of all facts and evidence obtained, presented or alleged, in order to establish their accuracy and authenticity ◾ Initiate contact with Federal, state, and local officials civic and business leaders officials of lending institutions, medical facilities, societies other organizations and individuals for the purpose of obtaining facts, signed statements, explanation of actions, and investigative leads ◾ Plan and execute all company functions, including investigations, marketing, finances, case management, social media, company website and blog, and client relationships

GENERAL MANAGER - Background Screening

Jan 2017 - Aug 2018
1 yr 8 mos
As a startup department, worked directly with the CEO and CFO to develop and implement FCRA compliant pre-employment BACKGROUND SCREENING services for multi-million dollar transportation clients and staffing agencies throughout the U.S. ◾ Worked with the Executive Vice President of Client Service & Account Management CSAM, and the Senior Vice President of Business Development to create the strategy for growth and retention of clients for the new BACKGROUND SCREENING division ◾ Organized, managed and supervised newly created BACKGROUND SCREENING division ◾ Developed departmental procedures, protocols and best practices for all pre - employment BACKGROUND SCREENING services ◾ Achieved profitability by managing the profit and loss statements for the department and individual clients ◾ Maintained industry expertise and proper adherence to the Fair Credit Reporting Act ◾ Created a high performance team by developing a dynamic workforce ◾ Collaborated with General Managers within CSAM to ensure synergy exists across all of CSAM


Oct 2008 - Dec 2014
6 yrs 3 mos
Investigated complex, multi-jurisdictional crimes of violence. Led execution of warrants. Processed crime scenes. Conducted interviews and interrogations, including forensic interviews of children. Prepared affidavits. Maintained on-call status, 24/7 responded to emergent events throughout U.S. ◾ Upon graduation of FBI Academy, immediately assigned to FBIs BACKGROUND SCREENING Unit BSU to conduct background investigations on Cabinet members and other Appointees of newly elected President Barack Obama ◾ As FBI Relief Supervisor, directed 20+ Special Agents, Task Force Officers and Professional Staff ◾ As FBI Fugitive Coordinator, led investigations for Americas Most Wanted, FBIs Top 10 Most Wanted and other investigations across U.S., including Jason Derek Brown, the FBIs #2 Most wanted fugitive ◾ Presented cogent, weekly briefings to FBI management, including FBI Director James Comey ◾ As Cellular Analysis Survey Team CAST member, reviewed call detail records from CDMA & GSM networks, conducted network drive tests using JDSU software, mapped cell tower locations, constructed cellular coverage maps, and testified in court as an expert witness for radio frequency and cellular network related investigations ◾ Communicated directly with executive leadership ◾ Organized, prioritize and assign leads/investigations to Special Agents & Task Force Officers


May 2004 - Oct 2008
4 yrs 6 mos
Enforced the Controlled Substances Act CSA and the Chemical Diversion and Trafficking Act CDTA regarding the manufacture, distribution and dispensing of legally produced controlled substances and listed chemicals in order to prevent diversion of controlled substances and listed chemicals into the illicit market, while ensuring an adequate uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical controlled substances and listed chemicals to meet the legitimate medical, commercial and scientific needs of the public.


Oct 2001 - May 2004
2 yrs 8 mos


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master's of Business Administration MBA
- 2016
Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate)
Master's Degree-Criminal Justice MCJ
- 2007
Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate)
Bachelor's Degree-Criminal Justice
- 2001