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Ardine Athalia Christian
A Fresh graduate who being a personal assistant of Professor and administration Assistant of Branch Head during study. Active in organization in university and in the community. Multitasking is the one of important skill.for being a Personal Assistant and I have it.
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Ardine Athalia Christian

A Fresh graduate who being a personal assistant of Professor and administration Assistant of Branch Head during study. Active in organization in university and in the community. Multitasking is the one of important skill.for being a Personal Assistant and I have it.
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Prof. Ir. St. Muryanto, MEng, Sc,. PhD
University of 17 Agustus 1945 Semarang
Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia

Professional Background

  • Current status
    Ready to interview
  • Profession
    Chemical Engineer
    Organization Management
  • Fields
  • Work experience
    4-6 years relevant
  • Management
  • Skills
    Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Visio
    Asana Project Management
    Canva – Designing Tool
    Multitasking Skills
    Organized and Detail Oriented
    Project Management
    Communication & relationship-building skills. Listen attentively
    Easy Learning
    Pressure Handling
    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    Management Time
    Strategic Planning
    Administrative Skills
  • Languages
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

  • Desired job type
    Not interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    Personal assistant
  • Desired work locations
  • Freelance

Work Experience

Personal Assistant of Professor

Feb 2018 - Oct 2023
5 yrs 9 mos
Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia
- Handling the personal administrations - Scheduling and reminding events of professor - Ensuring and communicating with students or several person in tied with the professor - Helping for prepare some lessons, and class - Helping if any research or writing books - Responsible of all requests and orders

Administration Assistant (No tTied)

Mar 2021 - Mar 2023
2 yrs 1 mo
Semarang City, Central Java, Indonesia
- Doing administration things include financial statements - Making power point for promotion material - Promoting the company to prospective clients - Preparing class and the materials - helping for communicate with other workers and clients - supervising the progress of class and the students - scheduling and remind the branch head for the events
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Crude Distilling Unit (CDU)

Oct 2021 - Oct 2021
1 mo
- Participating in supervise to the production process so that it is in accordance with plans, procedures and maintains product quality. - Participating in the control and supervise of the refinery equipment in the field to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly and prevent leaks in the equipment. - Taking information about conditions of the equipment process in the field - Calculating of products yield per day - Participating in calculate the volume of product tanks and raw materials. - Assisting in calculate the design data needs based on the PPSDM MIGAS refinery (The refinery has been operating since the Dutch era)
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Quality Control and Utility

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016
3 mos
Kaliwungu, Kendal Regency, Central Java, Indonesia
- Analyzing any samples are raw material, semi finished product, and final product sample to maintain the quality of the product in production section according to standard - Checking production auxiliary equipment - Learning and checking the utility equipment - Calculating of analyze result


Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
Chemical Engineering
2017 - 2023
3.07/4 GPA
Activities and societies
- Personal Assistant from one of professor in university - Joined and active in several organizations and become a leader in organization - Candidate for chairman of the university senate - The five-day battle committee in Semarang is an annual work program of the Semarang City Government for 5 years - one of member of promotion team in university
I am quite knowledgeable in the field of chemical engineering and.feel free for read bellow: -Completed International Transfer Credit as International Student in UTAR University (Univerisiti Tunku Abdul Rahman) Malaysia with Chemical Engineering major - Learned several subjects in UTAR Malaysia are Solid and Ground Water Remediation, Economy Engineering and Particle Technology - One of Article author " PENINGKATAN EKONOMI MASYARAKAT MELALUI KEWIRAUSAHAAN PEMBUATAN SABUN CAIR DI DESA SUSUKAN KECAMATAN SUSUKAN KABUPATEN SEMARANG ". http://jurnal.unpand.ac.id/index.php/INSPI/article/view/1894 - Finishing a paper with title." Makalah Pengabdian Masyarakat: Pembuatan Sabun Cair Dalam Kapasitas Kecil Upaya Peningkatan Ekonomi Melalui Wirausaha Sabun Cair di Masyarakat Desa Susukan,Kecamatan Susukan Kabupaten Semarang" on 2021 - Assistant to Writer book from S. Muryanto,. et al. The title is CaCO3: Natural Formation, Theory, Production and Applications. (ISBN: 978-623-93066-7-0) - Finishing Individual Community Service Program from university satisfactorily in Gondoriyo, Ngaliyan with carry out 12 work programs from the university's standard minimum work program of 4 programs - Finishing Individual Research. The Title is "ISOLATION OF ACTIVE FLAVONOIDS IN LIBERICA COFFEE LEAVES AS ANTIOXIDANT COMPOUNDS AND APPLICATIONS IN PRESERVATION" and I got some advise to make a patent from any lectures. - Finishing Internship program in PPSDM MIGAS ( PUSAT PENGEMBANGAN SUMBER DAYA MANUSIA MINYAK DAN GAS BUMI) Cepu by having completed two special tasks with satisfactorily. They are Overall Mass Balance, Thermal Efficiency of Column Fractionation C-2 and Heat Exchanger performance efficiency number 3. This report is used by workers who are continuing their studies and adds company factory data. - Finishing the final assignment with title " PRE-DESIGN OF ANHYDRATE AMMONIA (NH3) PLANT WITH KELLOGG PROCESS CAPACITY 700,000 TON/YEAR"
Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate)
The Entrepreneurial Skills Education Program “Types of Barista Skills”
2022 - 2022
- Learn and competence with Barista Skill and entrepreneurship - Learn more about Coffee
Non-Degree Program (e.g. Coursera certificate)
Chemical Engineering
2018 - 2020
Practicing Engineers Level 1 - CPE 1
Chemical Industry
2014 - 2017
82/100 GPA
Activities and societies
- Joined and active in Student Council or OSIS and ever become vice chairman - Joined and active in several extracurricular are Heritage Flag Hoisting Troop during in school, English Club and Basket Ball - Practical in laboratory
-I am competent in all productive programs, both basic departmental competencies and departmental competencies - The 4 subjects with the highest scores (min. 75 and max. 100) are 1) Carrying out the Extraction Process.= 93; 2)Operate grinding and sizing equipment = 92; 3) Carrying out Liquid Waste Processing processes.= 91 and 4) Calculating Mass Balance and Energy = 90 - Graduated in school with have Chemical Engineering knownledges including skill, entrepreneurship skill and organized skill

Licenses & Certifications

Achievement of Activist in Pitoelas Theater.

University of 17 Agustus 1945 Semarang
Issued Oct 2023
No Expiration Date

3rd Place in Semarang City Level Achievement Youth. Semarang City

Social Service Goverment - Semarang City
Issued Sep 2022
No Expiration Date

2nd Place in Semarang City Level Safe Community Competition in 2021. Semarang CIty

Government Health Service Semarang City
Issued May 2021
No Expiration Date

Certificate of Completion. International Credit Transfer 2020 as an International Student in UTAR University Malaysia

International Office and Mobility (IOM) University of 17 Agustus 1945 Semarang
Issued Dec 2020
No Expiration Date