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Boris Dobrin
Founder and CEO
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Boris Dobrin

Founder and CEO
Boris Dobrin's business acumen is evident in his strategy of employing cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize established business practices. This tactic has led to increased operational efficiency and boosted user experiences, resulting in a positive impact on the organization's bottom line. Operating out of Los Angeles, CA, he has built the Dobrin Group and its subsidiaries into an expansive team serving hundreds of thousands of individuals across the United States each month. Operating across diverse sectors such as healthcare, software, technology, services, entertainment, real estate, venture capital, and more, Dobrin Group is a private consortium of companies committed to solving critical problems and enhancing consumer experiences. With unprecedented growth, Dobrin Group is now charting the course for nationwide expansion for several enterprises. His innate ability to devise solutions and drive to enhance his surroundings are a testament to his entrepreneurial roots. His career trajectory took him from being a teller at Wells Fargo in Southern California to establishing his first enterprise, BD Investments, at just 19. His entrepreneurial journey further led him to launch an advanced food delivery technology platform and make significant inroads into the profitable, albeit technologically underdeveloped, healthcare sector.
Dobrin Group
Los Angeles, California, USA

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Boris Dobrin

Jan 2011 - Present
Dobrin's approach of adopting tomorrow's technology to alter today's business model has improved productivity, user experience, and organizational bottom line.


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