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Brian Freeman Australia
Adventurer, Endurance Athlete
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Brian Freeman Australia

Adventurer, Endurance Athlete
Brian Freeman is highly regarded as one of Australia's best explorers. He is one of the world's best adventurers, earning awards and setting records for some of the most challenging physical tests known to man. In contrast to most endurance athletes, Brian Freeman has successfully tackled everything from high-altitude mountain climbing to long-distance kayaking. Brian completes solo missions of desert and jungle racing and has expertly honed his survival skills. Brian has done well in every challenge he gives himself. His exciting life is one that he intends to keep up for as long as possible. Skiing to the North and the South Poles, climbing all seven of the continents' summits, and swimming all three of the oceans' Triple Crowns are the next things on Brian's list of accomplishments.
Brisbane QLD, Australia

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