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Carlo Dellaverson's skills extend beyond his logistical and coordinative abilities in the music industry. Carlo takes the safety of all individuals involved in an event seriously, knowing that the success of every show hinges on it. As such, Carlo thoroughly checks the venue, stage, and backstage areas before any event, always looking for potential hazards, like loose equipment or cables, which he quickly rectifies. Carlo takes things even further by providing essential safety equipment like first-aid kits and organizing the availability of trained medical personnel. Additionally, Carlo creates specific evacuation plans that outline the steps to be taken during safety emergencies such as fires. Carlo, despite his busy schedule, is a man who knows the importance of maintaining a work-life balance. Carlo has several interests outside the music industry, including his love of music, which he enjoys by attending concerts as a fan. Carlo has a passion for photography that he takes seriously. During downtime, he takes candid shots of concerts, capturing precious moments like backstage events, crowd reactions, and shots during the performance. Carlo is also an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping trips and hiking adventures outdoors. Carlo's interests outside the music industry do not diminish the fact that he is excellent at his job. His excellent communication skills make him an indispensable asset to the music industry. He is a problem solver with excellent organizational skills that enable him to manage and coordinate complex events. Carlo Dellaverson is a well-rounded personality in the music industry, and his passion, dedication, and excellent work ethic have made him as successful as he is today.
New York, New York, USA

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    Logistics Coordinator
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    New York, NY, USA
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