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Carlos Osvaldo Cortez
President, Continuing Education
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Carlos Osvaldo Cortez

President, Continuing Education
As a Ph.D. holder, Carlos Osvaldo Cortez is a well educated and dedicated professional who has influenced the lives of thousands. He is currently the president of San Diego Continuing Education, a major division of the local community college system. His dedication to POC and low-income students has been a constant motivator for his work in the educational field. His own education has reflected his passions and interests, centering the role of educators and administrators of color in the development of social welfare and educational policy. He understands the importance of policy and has worked closely with policy-makers as well. Beyond his work, he is an avid reader.
New York University
University of Southern California
San Diego, CA, USA

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    15年以上 (15年以上関連の実務経験)
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    Educational Leadership
    educational technology
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    educational leadership
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    President, Continuing Education
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Work Experience

Adunct Faculty

1月 2020 - 現在

Adjunct Faculty

1月 2018 - 現在
San Juan Capistrano, California

Adjunct Faculty

1月 2017 - 現在

President, Continuing Education

7月 2015 - 現在
San Diego Community College District

Adjunct Faculty

1月 2015 - 現在

Dissertaion Chair

1月 2018 - 5月 2020
2 yrs 5 mos

Adjunct Faculty

1月 2013 - 8月 2019
6 yrs 8 mos
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Adjunct Faculty

1月 2010 - 12月 2015
6 yrs 0 mos


7月 2013 - 7月 2015
2 yrs 1 mo
Adjunct Faculty January 2010 - December 2015 6 years Los Angeles, California Peralta Community College District Acting Vice President of Instruction & Dean of Instruction, Berkeley City


Ph.D Education Policy and Administration; African Policy
Social Studies Teacher
1999 - 2001

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