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Casey Grove has led a fascinating life full of exciting experiences. A graduate of Penn State University, Casey has worked his way up the corporate ladder in the hospitality industry, holding positions such as Director of Catering Sales and Strategic Development. He is always looking for new opportunities to challenge himself and grow as a person. He also personifies the idea that anything is possible. His love of the strategy and fun that board games can provide for enjoyment and development inspired him to create board games for himself and his family to play with. One of these was a success, as he is credited with creating the popular game "The Big Fat Tomato Game." Grove has always been a hard worker. His professional success demonstrates that speed is only sometimes required and that you can advance to your desired position in any industry with enough hard work and relationship-building. Casey Grove began his career in the hospitality industry as a part-time dishwasher and line cook during his post-secondary school years at Penn State University, where he majored in Communications and Telecommunications Management.
Catering Strategic Development & Sales
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Penn State University
Spring Mills, PA, USA

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Communications, Telecommunications Management
1995 - 2000