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Clarence Boyd III
Founder of Bistro Brothers Catering
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Clarence Boyd III

Founder of Bistro Brothers Catering
Clarence Boyd III continued his education after earning his degree from Louisiana State University by enrolling in the Culinary Institute of America. Based in Hyde Park, New York, this prestigious institution is a private and well-known culinary school. The CIA is a global institution specializing in teaching those in the baking, culinary, and pastry arts. It has campuses in San Antonio, Texas, the Republic of Singapore, and two each in St. Helena and Napa, California. Recently, Clarence celebrated his three and a half decades in the food services sector. He has won countless medals for his culinary prowess and creative abilities. Although his art is displayed in several venues, it is mostly kept at his Collin County, Texas, home studio. In addition to being a well-known professional, Boyd is committed to local and international charitable causes, including local homeless shelters and organizations, to which he frequently gives with Bistro Brothers Catering before supporting Shriners Hospitals for Children. Also, he is enthusiastic about discovering new volunteer opportunities in Texas and elsewhere, with a particular concentration on projects near his Prosper home. Boyd is a role model both professionally and personally, having a variety of interests that include music, painting, and spending time with family when feasible. He has won several awards and official acknowledgments from other well-known colleagues in the creative industry, making him an all-around powerhouse that should never be undervalued.
Prosper, Texas, USA

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