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Cory Carnley

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Cory Carnley became the youngest member of Cigar Rights of America, a lobbying group for the premium cigar industry, due to his passion for premium cigars. The consumer-based organization aims to safeguard the rights of consumers to enjoy hand-rolled cigars as well as the rights of manufacturers and farmers to create them. In addition to informing members about legislative measures, new products, and events, the group details the top lounges and cigar stores. Carnley feels that Cigar Rights of America is an influential group and that young adults have a significant role. The more youthful individuals who join an organization, the stronger its influence with lawmakers and the general public. Moreover, he believes that the group provides a unique service to cigar smokers by allowing them to assemble and discuss their interests. Carnley's hobbies have helped him to build an impressive portfolio of professional abilities. Cory used their brains, hard effort, and dedication to turn Cory Carnley's enthusiasm for domestic travel into a profitable business. He has become an expert in digital marketing through strategies such as affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, guest blogging, sponsored linking, YouTube videos, and earning backlinks through media interviews. Carnley's credentials make him well-suited for a profession at a high-end restaurant that offers premium cigar experiences and upscale alcoholic beverages. His skills as a tobacconist enable him to deliver superior customer care to newbies and veteran cigar lovers. It also teaches him various accessories to offer with cigars and how to advise consumers on skills such as how to mix and preserve tobacco.
Gainesville, FL, USA

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Business Owner

Dec 2014 - Present
Gainesville, FL, USA
Cory Carnley is a cigar lover with credentials as a tobacconist, a bartender, and in responsible vending. Carnley's interest in tobacco began when he was eighteen and smoked two celebratory cigars back-to-back. Soon after, he formed the premium cigar industry's major lobbying organization, Cigar Rights of America.


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Certifications as a tobacconist

Tobacco Control Research Group
Issued Dec 2014
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