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Cynthia Irwin
Packaging Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandising Maven: Elevating Brands with Creative Excellence and Strategic Display Expertise ✨🎨 #PackagingDesign #VisualMerchandising
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Cynthia Irwin

Packaging Graphic Designer & Visual Merchandising Maven: Elevating Brands with Creative Excellence and Strategic Display Expertise ✨🎨 #PackagingDesign #VisualMerchandising
Hello! I am a professional in-house graphic designer with a a background in packaging, POP displays, print design, 3D modeling, & concept design. I am also the owner of a successful permanent makeup studio with a strong following on social media. My work is driven by a passion for clean, minimalist design with a bold presence. In my career I aim for continuous education through day to day experiences & for a position that challenges my creativity. Portfolio at www.morales-design.weebly.com
Brow Expressions Permanent Beauty
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California State University, Long Beach
Long Beach, CA, USA

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    6-10 years relevant
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    Interested in working remotely
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    Senior Graphic Designer
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    Long Beach, CA, USA
    Los Angeles, CA, USA
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    Full-time freelancer

Work Experience

Business Owner

Oct 2017 - Present
Long Beach, CA, USA
I've spent the past 6 years harnessing the distinctive entrepreneurial skills essential to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the beauty service industry. My role as CEO goes beyond creating stunning cosmetic tattoo art; it requires a fusion of creativity, business acumen, and a keen understanding of market trends. Specializing in crafting personalized beauty solutions, from the intricate strokes of microblading, to the marketing, sales, and client nurturing required to sustain this business, I've cultivated a brand that thrives on innovation and client satisfaction. Entrepreneurship in the beauty industry demands not only artistic flair but also strategic thinking, adaptability, and a commitment to learning key marketing and sales strategies in today's digital advertising market.
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Packaging and Display Graphic Designer

Jan 2015 - Apr 2019
4 yrs 4 mos
Greater Los Angeles, CA, USA
As the Retail and POP Display Graphic Designer at Ernest Packaging Solutions, I was the creative force behind transforming concepts into captivating visual experiences. For 4 years, I've seamlessly blended artistic ingenuity with strategic design thinking to produce dynamic retail and point-of-purchase displays. From conceptualization to execution, I leverage my expertise to enhance brand visibility and drive consumer engagement. My role extends beyond graphic design; I am a storyteller, crafting narratives through visually compelling displays that resonate with the target audience. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I bring brands to life in the retail space, leaving an indelible mark on the consumer experience. #RetailDesign #POPDisplays #GraphicDesignInnovation
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Visual Merchandising Specialist

Jan 2014 - Feb 2015
1 yr 2 mos
Los Angeles, CA, USA
As a Visual Merchandising Specialist at NYX Cosmetics, I held a pivotal role in curating and enhancing the brand's in-store aesthetic appeal. Responsible for creating visually compelling displays, I utilized my keen understanding of consumer behavior and industry trends to captivate customers and drive product awareness. My key responsibilities included developing and executing innovative visual merchandising strategies, ensuring that each display not only showcased product offerings but also communicated the brand's unique identity. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I played a crucial role in the planning and execution of promotional campaigns, product launches, and in-store events. Additionally, I consistently maintained and updated visual standards across multiple locations, ensuring a cohesive and impactful brand presence. My role involved a delicate balance of creativity, strategic thinking, and meticulous attention to detail, contributing to the overall success of NYX Cosmetics in the competitive beauty market.
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Aug 2010 - Jan 2014
3 yrs 6 mos
Greater Los Angeles, CA, USA
In my role as a Retail Packaging Graphic Designer at Landsberg Orora, I undertook a multifaceted set of responsibilities that honed both my creative and strategic skills. My primary duties included conceptualizing and designing impactful retail packaging solutions that aligned with brand identity and marketing objectives. I was responsible for creating visually compelling graphics that not only met client specifications but also adhered to industry standards and printing guidelines. Collaboration was a cornerstone of my work, as I interfaced closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing and production, to ensure seamless project execution. This experience enhanced my proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite and sharpened my ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously. The role also demanded a keen eye for detail, effective communication skills, and an understanding of market trends to create packaging designs that not only met but exceeded client expectations. Overall, my time as a Retail Packaging Graphic Designer at Landsberg Orora has been instrumental in refining my skills and contributing to the success of diverse packaging projects.


Jan 2010 - Mar 2010
3 mos


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Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Design and Applied Arts