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Daniel Lua Palm Desert
CEO at Desert Elite Electric & Construction, Inc.
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Daniel Lua Palm Desert

CEO at Desert Elite Electric & Construction, Inc.
Daniel Lua Palm Desert is at the helm of Desert Elite Electric & Construction, Inc., an exceptional leader who has steered the company to prominence since its inception. Situated within the expansive domain of construction, his multifaceted role as CEO encompasses a sweeping array of responsibilities: Prospect Evaluation and Feasibility Analysis: his acumen shines as he adeptly identifies promising ventures and meticulously assesses their Viability. Transaction Structuring and Financial Dynamics: His expertise in orchestrating the financial intricacies of projects ensures seamless transactions. Development Management and Entitlement Processing: From initial ideation to securing pivotal approvals, he shepherds projects to fruition. Design Supervision and Construction Management: With precision, he ensures the flawless realization of designs, managing all aspects of construction. Operational Coordination and Interface: he seamlessly integrates diverse departments, facilitating the smooth operation of the entire venture. A testament to his field prowess is his impressive array of licenses, including the C-10 electrical license since 2015, a B License obtained in 2018, an A License earned in 2021, and an ongoing pursuit of a C-36 Plumbing License. Throughout his illustrious journey, he has garnered recognition for his unparalleled expertise, including: Electrical Contractor of the Year 2021 by Expertise.com: A prestigious accolade highlighting his exceptional proficiency within the electrical domain. A+ Rating on BBB attests to his unwavering commitment to excellence and uncompromising integrity. Veriforce Certification affirms his Dedication to the highest quality and safety standards. Beyond his professional accomplishments, his pursuits bring depth to his character: Offroading: A Journey of Liberation: Since his formative years, he has been entranced by the allure of offroading. This passion evolved into an enthusiasm that led him to acquire his first quad, embracing the thrill of rough terrains as a liberating force. Other Recreations: When not conquering rugged landscapes, he indulges in camping, hiking, and bike riding. He also revels in his sports enthusiast spirit, avidly following football, baseball, volleyball, and soccer. Philanthropic Initiatives: Rooted in a commitment to giving back, his benevolence extends to various causes, including Breast Cancer Awareness, St. Jude, YMCA, and investments in youth sports. Daniel Lua Palm Desert stands as a guiding light within the construction realm and the Palm Desert community, his career an embodiment of expertise, and his personal life enriched by unwavering passions and profound philanthropy. His journey to lead Desert Elite Electric & Construction, Inc. reflects a narrative of Dedication, power, and an enduring commitment to inspire and achieve.
Palm Desert, CA, USA

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