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With over two decades of experience, Dr. Daniel Pompa is a seasoned author, health expert, and speaker. He has authored several best-selling books, including Beyond Fasting: A Cellular Solution to Break Through Weight Loss Resistance, Slow Aging, and Get Well and Cellular Healing Diet: Heal the Cell, Get Well, Lose Weight, and Feel Great. Through these books, he covers therapeutic fasting, explaining how to prepare the body's cells for the restoration that the fasting process affords and delves into the three fundamental diet changes that enable fat burning and maximize health. Besides his many areas of expertise, including clinical nutrition, detoxification, rehabilitation, research, and wellness coaching, Dr. Pompa is also skilled in business, leadership, and marketing. He regularly speaks on stages worldwide, training doctors, healthcare practitioners, and the public on the cellular protocols he pioneered. He is also the host of a popular podcast and YouTube show. Dr. Daniel has an impressive track record as a health expert and mentor who continues to innovate and impact lives positively through his Pompa Program and other initiatives.
Spring Hill, TN, USA

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