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Debra Gudema
Nonprofit Consultant and Writer
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Debra Gudema

Nonprofit Consultant and Writer
Debra Gudema is an acknowledged figure in the charitable counseling and communications industries. She has worked with several notable companies, including DLG Nonprofit Consulting and Well&Co. Gudema also serves on the board of the American Parkinson Disease Association in South Florida, where she promotes the organization's mission and leverages her nonprofit consulting experience. The American Parkinson's Disease Association, founded in 1961, is the biggest grassroots network in the United States dedicated to battling Parkinson's disease. Gudema has been a board member since 2021 as a champion for the organization's purpose. Over the last six decades, the association has raised and invested more than $225 million in critical educational initiatives and patient services. Gudema has links with numerous major educational institutions, including Nova Southeastern University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Denver, and Indiana University Bloomington. She has a master's degree and is presently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in teaching since she is committed to lifelong learning. Gudema has also completed courses in various subjects, including meditation, health, well-being, communications, photography, and professional writing.
American Parkinson Disease Association
Nova Southeastern University
Boca Raton, FL, USA

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Jan 2021 - Present

DLG Nonprofit Consulting

Jan 2011 - Present


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2010 - 2012