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Dr. Joan Grace Valina
General and Cosmetic Surgeon
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Dr. Joan Grace Valina

General and Cosmetic Surgeon
Dr. Valina is a highly regarded aesthetic and general surgeon. Michigan State University and Loyola University Medical Center provided surgical training opportunities (PGY-3 to PGY-5). She worked in impoverished locations for years performing general and trauma surgery. She served in general surgery as a volunteer in emerging nations. At Allegheny Health Network, she earned fellowships in cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive surgery. After that, she trained under the tutelage of world-renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons in Seattle, Tampa, Sarasota, the Philippines, and Russia. Her artistic abilities have been recognized in sketching, painting, and mixed media. She possesses an innate sense of beauty. She specializes in facelifts, neck lifts, breast augmentations, breast reductions, liposuctions, and abdominoplasty treatments and also does less invasive cosmetic procedures. Because she is a woman, she will make you feel at ease.

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