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Senior Software Engineer & Feature Product Manager 位於 聯發科
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Senior Software Engineer & Feature Product Manager 位於 聯發科
Currently in my fifth year at MediaTek, I serve as a Senior Software Engineer and Feature Product Manager for Portrait Mode in the camera department. I'm responsible for software architecture, development, and design in the multi-camera domain, with a primary focus on cinematic mode and open-platform-related development and planning. During my time pursuing a Master's degree in Information Management at National Chiao Tung University, I delved into deep learning and its applications in finance. My research culminated in a thesis on multi-modal deep learning for semantic models in stock trading strategies. Throughout my graduate studies, I actively participated in various competitions and received accolades for my contributions." 現任職於聯發科技第五年,擔任相機資深軟體工程師暨人像模式之功能產品經理,負責多攝相關軟體架構開發與設計,主要業務為電影模式與開放平台相關開發與規劃。在交大資管所就讀碩士期間主要研究深度學習與財務相關之應用,論文為多形態深度學習應用語意模型之股票交易策略。研究所期間不僅研究更積極參加各式競賽,並獲獎。
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Hsinchu City, 台灣

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Senior Software Engineer & Feature Product Manager

Jun 2022 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
As the Feature Product Manager for Video Bokeh, drove the development, design, planning, and coordination of the feature. Additionally, spearheaded the implementation of a seamless Third-Party Interface, enabling integration of third-party algorithms to enhance camera effects and advanced applications such as face beauty and object tracking.
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Feature Product Manager & Software Engineer

Apr 2020 - Present
As a highly skilled software engineer and feature product manager, I spearheaded the design and coordination of the camera bokeh flow, collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve high customer satisfaction. My analytical thinking and problem-solving skills were recognized with a vAward, and I also played a key role in multiple camera development projects, utilizing my expertise in C++ and Android. Beyonds FPM's part, I also take a role on multiple camera development and design flow as software Engineer.
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Software Engineer

Nov 2018 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
I mainly focus has been on multiple camera flow control and implementation using C++. I have also provided support for the mass production of Helio G-series and Dimensity series. Additionally, I am well-versed in Android systems, including Compatibility Test Suite and camera static metadata
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Software Engineer Intern

Jul 2017 - Sep 2017
3 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
Intern for research iOS phone camera depth capability and development related application. Also involve in the algorithm focal length adjustment of auto focus on high-contrast object.


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Institute of Information Management
2016 - 2018
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Bachelor’s Degree
Information Management and Finance
2012 - 2016