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International Society of Female Professionals

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The International Society of Female Professionals assists women in overcoming traditional obstacles to achieving professional success. The society was founded in New York City in August 2019 to be the nation's top champion for professional women from all walks of life and almost every professional sector. Even though the global population of women and men is roughly equal, far fewer women are in the professional sphere. There are fewer women in medicine, law, and other professions. Despite a history of achievement, fewer female leaders and business owners are. From Oprah Winfrey to Margaret Thatcher, women have demonstrated that they are equally capable of professional excellence and entrepreneurial leadership. However, our opportunities remain much inferior to those of men. We intend to change this. The International Society for Female Professionals is a global advocate for professional women that encourages women's progress at the professional, executive, and entrepreneurial levels. We establish a network that promotes more significant investment in the numerous outstanding skills and leadership abilities that women possess but are sometimes disregarded. Our primary mission is to eliminate the obstacles typically encountered by professional women. These obstacles include lesser income, the classic glass ceiling, and fewer career possibilities than our male peers. Instead of accepting invisible roadblocks to success, we fight to eliminate these obstacles and pave new paths to achievement.
New York, NY, USA

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