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Engineering Project Manager
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Jeff Hawks

Engineering Project Manager
Beyond his professional achievements, Jeff Hawks demonstrates a profound commitment to societal causes, notably in rehabilitation for MS patients. As a board member of MS Forward, a nationally acclaimed gym for patients with neurological diseases, he leverages his professional skills and networks to contribute to the organization significantly. His involvement goes beyond mere participation; he actively donates his time and resources, infusing innovative ideas into their rehabilitation programs. In addition to his role at MS Forward, he extends his charitable efforts to support Christian Heritage, reflecting his broad approach to giving back to the community. A pivotal period in his career was his tenure at the Army Research Laboratories, where he managed various innovative projects in autonomous cooperative robot systems, computer vision applications, miniature surgical robotics, and more. These contributions highlight his unwavering commitment to innovation and lifelong learning, which he has consistently upheld throughout his career. Hawks's steadfast commitment to innovation and passion for learning are the driving forces behind his career trajectory. He has consistently demonstrated his innovative spirit by developing advanced biomechanical devices and surgical aids. His dedication to continuous learning is evident in his academic pursuits and zeal to mentor the next generation of engineers and scientists. Looking ahead, he is focused on continuing his groundbreaking work in robotics and biomechanics to make a significant impact in both his professional field and charitable endeavors. His future aspirations reflect his dedication to advancing his field of expertise while applying it to improve society, melding technical proficiency with social responsibility. Jeff is an exemplary figure in the engineering community. His career is a testament to technical excellence, academic distinction, and a deep-seated commitment to societal well-being. As he moves forward in his journey of innovation in robotics and biomechanics, his legacy is set to inspire and guide future generations of engineers and innovators.
Beatrice, NE 68310, USA

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