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I have been working on information technology for over 15 years, mostly I am engaged in products development, and I enjoy the experience of developing products from zero to one. Since I have experienced in many technical fields, including embedded system, android, ios, advertisement delivery engine and web application development, I can clarify the problem even for the products integrated various departments, which reduces the unnecessary consumption (communication cost) for the company, and ensure the product is on its process as the schedule planned. Due to the desire for new technology, I still follow and evaluate some cases as a technical team member. New technology and system are adopted to reduce the risk caused by human being, which can improve the quality and reliability of software, and promote the efficiency of team cooperation. As far as I am concerned, leadership can be achieved only when the leader cooperates with the team members and provides the direction for them, for example, a project will pass to the members when I truly master the technology, this is a way to avoid the delay of the project schedule and increase their confidence.
Ming Chi University of Bachelor

Professional Background

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    Ready to interview
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    10-15 years
  • Management
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    Spring Boot
    MySQL / Mariadb
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    Native or Bilingual
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    Remote Only
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    Network Architect
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    Full-time freelancer

Work Experience


Apr 2018 - Present
[from the perspective of project] 1. Develop new clients 2. Communicate with clients to gather requirements and define the details 3. Finish wireframe and sign contract after details confirmed 4. Distribute resources to develop 5. Follow the schedule of the project and integrate other parts 6. Test ,inspection and acceptance 7. Make sure the project is released on time& follow the collection of payment [from the perspective of management] * establish related coordination mechanisms and systems for the software development * ensure the software is delivered on-time and to a high quality. * communicate with skills to narrow the cognitive differences with clients, thus the efficiency can be promoted and cost can be reduced * Supervise and ensure the process of project is smooth ,and inspire the project team to develop trust and confidence

Engineering Manager

Mar 2016 - Apr 2018
2 yrs 2 mos
1. design front-end technical architecture (angularJs) 2.design back-end technical architecture (springBoot +memcached+ rabbitMQ +webSocket+ mina+hbaase+mysql) 3. develop the device and socket server, communicate the protocol 4. responsible for daily code review and code merge 5. Control the process of the project and solve technical issues from team members. 6. Evaluate the feasibility after requirements defined, distribute the task and list in the follow up of the project


Mar 2012 - Mar 2016
4 yrs 1 mo
* develop the function of advertisement delivery engine based on the market research * report the Test Case to ensure the feasibility of each project * pay attention to the new technology and its evaluation, conduct the verification of POC,then introduce it in the product. * promote the efficiency of advertisement delivery * adjust the parameter of mainframe to slow down the service delay caused by GC


Mar 2008 - Mar 2012
4 yrs 1 mo
1. introduce the technology of android source code 2. Responsible for the research of android building system and its introduction to the team 3. Write the driver of android camera 4. Responsible for the research of power saving mode for android system and its introduction 5. Responsible for the connection with MTK 6. Responsible for the connection with realtec


Bachelor’s Degree
Technology Science and Technology ,Computer
2004 - 2006