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Medical Assistant
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Juliana Garofalo

Medical Assistant
Juliana Garofalo's interests extend far beyond her career. She is an ardent lover of the outdoors and often spends her free time in the wilderness of Connecticut, birdwatching with friends and fellow members of the Connecticut Audubon Society. Additionally, she relishes paddleboarding and fishing in the nearby waterways, serving as excellent birdwatching spots. Her involvement with the Connecticut Audubon Society reflects her passion for protecting the state's birds and wildlife. The Society, which manages 21 wildlife sanctuaries spanning more than 3,300 acres, is dedicated not only to the preservation of open land but also to educating the public. Through the efforts of a network of educators, scientists, and volunteers, the Society provides education to more than 100,000 children and adults each year. The overarching goal of the Connecticut Audubon Society is to preserve the natural beauty and diverse wildlife of Connecticut for future generations. She is dedicated to this mission and fervently works to protect the state's unique wildlife and habitats for years. Garofalo is a remarkable woman with diverse interests, from pursuing a medical career to active support for wildlife conservation organizations like HawkWatch International. A proud member of HawkWatch, She devotes her time, money, and energy to help conserve the natural habitats of raptors through monitoring, research, and education. HawkWatch has gained valuable insights into the lives of raptors, their survival needs, and how they adapt to the ever-changing U.S. landscapes.
Women's Health Care of New England
New York, NY, USA

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