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Manager at Funky Buddha Brewery
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Matt Coben

Manager at Funky Buddha Brewery
Matt Coben is a big fan of the sunshine and summertime in Florida. He spends as much time outside as he can. There are miles and miles of trails all over Florida, and he likes to go on them with his family and friends. Also, he likes to play a lot of other sports, too. He also likes to play golf in Florida because of the great weather and beautiful scenery. When Matt plays golf, he tries to hit as many balls as possible. There are a lot of different courses to play in Florida. Going to the driving range, going to a local Top Golf, or playing 18 holes with some of his best friends could be on the list. He also likes to play tennis. People in Florida love tennis, and Coben has been playing it since he moved to the area, so this is something he's done. In Florida, there are a lot of clubs where people can learn how to play the game and play in leagues. There are also professional tournaments in the state from time to time. When he isn't on the tennis court, he likes to play pickleball, which has become very popular in Florida in the last few years. When he plays these sports, he can spend time with people he cares about and try something new.

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