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Matthew Piell
Executive Chairman
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Matthew Piell

Executive Chairman
Matthew Piell is an acclaimed leader in the business world, with over two decades of experience in industries like advertising, insurance and marketing. He achieved national recognition in 2002 for his involvement with Greystone's development of one of the region's most remarkable golf course communities - a feat that earned him widespread praise. His knowledge and capacity to stay on top of industry trends have allowed him to continue succeeding with any new venture he sets out on. Piell began his professional journey at Greystone, a private real estate development located in Hoover, Alabama, nested at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. Here, executive estates intermingle between two championship golf courses and make up the exclusive Greystone Golf & Country Club. Piell had an immense impact on this project by working alongside Hap Gwaltney and Daniel Realty - led by Gwaltney himself, who was vice president of Greystone and also president of the Birmingham Association of Realtors. The alumna of Southeastern Bible College holds both associate's and bachelor's degrees; many successful graduates from this college have gone on to achieve amazing accomplishments in renowned public and private companies, some even entering into international ministerial roles where they use counselling as tools aside their duties as senior pastors or teachers. Matthew is living proof that hard work leads to great success, inspiring and driving those around him every step along his career path. His contribution shall never be forgotten, leaving behind an admirable legacy for future generations to honour.
Trussville, AL, USA

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