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Naveed Aziz
Vice President of Completions Engineering in Aerospace
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Naveed Aziz

Vice President of Completions Engineering in Aerospace
Away from the limelight of aerospace triumphs, Naveed Aziz is a mosaic of myriad interests and commendable benevolence. His longstanding infatuation with motorcycles, initiated in his younger days, symbolizes his zest for thrill and unbridled freedom. Conversely, his recent immersion into tennis mirrors his constant pursuit of new challenges and self-improvement, resonating with his ever-evolving spirit. Between the rush of wheels and the rhythm of tennis rallies, Naveed finds solace in the comforting embrace of books. As an avid reader, his literary pursuits reflect his deep introspection and quest for escapism and enlightenment. But the brilliance of Naveed's character truly radiates in his philanthropic endeavors. Aligning himself with noble causes, his association with organizations like United Way and Goodwill goes beyond mere financial assistance. By devoting his time and expertise to causes such as the Savannah Mission for the Homeless, he epitomizes the ethos of giving back to society. Intertwined with these pursuits is Naveed's unwavering commitment to his family, serving as his anchor amidst his multifaceted endeavors. His life is a splendid symphony of professional milestones, personal passions, and a spirit of generosity.
Mercer University
Pooler, Georgia, USA

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Vice President of Completions Engineering in Aerospace

Jan 1998 - Present
Integral team member and leader, Led the design of the best-in-class cabin for the G500 and G600 airplanes, Contributed to Gulfstream's accolades in the aviation and yacht industry for seat and cabin design


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
1996 - 1998
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
1991 - 1995