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Oky Dwi Hartanto
Software Engineer
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Oky Dwi Hartanto

Software Engineer
I have over 5 years of experience as a software engineer, developing the feature and fixing bugs, improving the performance of features or production by using best practices when developing feature
PT Jaya Agung Teknologi
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Universitas Dian Nuswantoro
Semarang, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Professional Background

  • Current status
  • Profession
    Software Engineer
    Front-end Engineer
    Full Stack Development
  • Fields
    Mobile Apps
  • Work experience
    4-6 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
  • Skills
    Jest + React Testing Library
    Web Development
    Front-End Development
  • Languages
    Native or Bilingual
  • Highest level of education

Job search preferences

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    Interested in working remotely
  • Desired positions
    Software Engineer
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  • Freelance

Work Experience

Lead Frontend developer

Jun 2023 - Present
I am a lead frontend developer that has responsible for guiding the team to use best practices and helping them when they encounter a problem. Ensure CI/CD works properly, and create a docker for the apps. Interview a new candidate frontend developer. Ensure all features that will run in the active sprint can be done and calculate how long the feature should take. and sometimes provide input to the UX team on each feature that will be worked on. here are my tasks: -Mentoring juniors with new technology -Developing the task for some projects -Ensure that the application can run on old browsers or other browsers properly -Code review of team code to ensure code is clean, giving examples of best practices for them, -Researching a new technology to help projects develop faster, and improve performance application
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Software developer

Jan 2022 - May 2023
1 yr 5 mos
Development of Frontend application in Xperience app and Accommodation App. Write product or system development code. Review code developed by other developers and provide feedback to ensure best practices. create the unit test of each feature to make sure the feature is safe, and analysis for each feature to know how long will take to develop until done, and make a design review for the feature to know what is technology to use.
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Frontend developer

Feb 2020 - Jan 2022
2 yrs 0 mos
Responsible development of apps, and apps still developing concurrency. I am doing clean code and refactoring some code. Review code juniors and guide juniors about management code, logic, and Reactjs, Responsible for maintenance, and creating components for library projects using typescript. create documentation using storybook for the library project, using jest for units test using, eslint for clean code.

Fulllstack developer

Mar 2019 - Feb 2020
1 yr 0 mos
Responsible for junior programmers, creating a frontend app for travel systems using VUE, from ticket search by country, city, etc, to payment of tickets and order history, with systems that have chat support using SOCKET IO and Onesignal, which are already running on the Android platform, ios, and website. Responsible for connecting third parties such as Wirecard (payment gateway), Globaltix (a.ttraction), travelport.com (airport). Make a front for the POS (Point of Sale) system using VUE, which has a feature of searching for goods by category, favorite, or searching for items, selecting discounts per item or global discounts to payment items, sales reports and this system can run offline or online, which has been running on the Android and PC platforms

Fulllstack developer

Aug 2018 - Mar 2019
8 mos
Responsible for junior programmers, Creating administration village system with phpmaker, which has features of citizen registration, citizen data management, to permit reports. Create an Eccomerce system from CI (Codeigniter) that has a user login feature, search for items, and store items in carts until payment. The redesign uses the previous IONIC system website, which runs on Android.

Fulllstack developer

Sep 2017 - Jul 2018
11 mos
Creating a village system using CI (Codeigniter), from citizen registration to managing KTP data, KK data, to permit letters. Creating a video conference system using node js and socket io. Creating a chat system using node js and sockets for schools. Creating a postal system using CI (Codeigniter), from searching for goods, inputting goods, and managing goods to general journals.


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Informatics Engineering
2015 - 2017
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High School Diploma
Computer network engineering
2011 - 2014