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Chung David

I have been engaged in the software industry for more than 20 years. Never forget the original intention. It is persistence and an opportunity. From the early days when I got a headache when I saw bugs, to later I took pleasure in researching, processing and solving bugs. This kind of mental process is something that few people experience. The purpose of writing programs is to allocate resources satisfactorily, optimize processes, have the courage to solve problems, create durable and reliable systems that are endless, process processes for humans, and produce results to meet needs. In addition to reading a lot of knowledge and absorbing and understanding it, I also have to be very diligent and work hard as a code farmer every day, so that I can produce some of my own insights and relevant experience. I would like to report to you that I am now at a level where I can generally work independently and quickly get started. The development of various projects, this ability and enthusiasm are also what I have painstakingly deployed and experienced. In any case, the interaction of transmission rates will become the bottleneck of AI calculation results, and my key skills include solving this problem through software solutions in SOC or FPGA to avoid the cost risk of developing new circuit hardware. My personality is: High-intensity, perseverance, opinionated, optimistic, and highly empathetic. Previous work performance has been integrity, reliability, excellent personal performance, and strong leadership. The fly in the ointment is that the stability of the system needs to be strengthened, the requirements for order are extremely high, and the ability to withstand stress is high. The mentality is simple, but the thinking is extremely meticulous and not simple. My name is David, I studied physics at a national university in Taiwan and completed a project on drawing and analyzing physical chaos using c language. My first job was scripting some SIM card services (like prepaid systems) in c and unix. Requires wireless modem module firmware coding and debugging. Then I worked at Freescale as a SoC chip embedded system software engineer for arm-based SoC reference boards, providing BSP and SDK technical support for the HMI tablet module business. Before leaving Freescale, I also wrote some SOM software coding in Qt for HMI touch panels and modem modules. Over the next few years, I worked as a freelancer and software solutions entrepreneur, acquiring software and firmware projects for embedded systems and IoT products from startups using Raspberry Pi boards. I have been writing qt or coding for over 3 years for B2B in medical, automotive and IoT HMI applications as well as SCADA auto capture industry. Customers include Jabil. I once built a C2B solution from scratch in southern Taiwan, a semiconductor production line truck solution for automatic AGV car handling. Customers include TSMC and UMC. Thank you for the above!
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