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Robert Goetschkes

With a wealth of firsthand experience in classroom management and instruction spanning 25 years, Robert Goetschkes has emerged as a seasoned education specialist. Throughout his professional journey, he has cultivated a diverse skill set, including developing curricula for public schools, refining teaching methods, and establishing strong connections with students. Presently, Goetschkes channels his critical thinking understanding and unwavering dedication to efficiency in his full-time role as a warehousing professional at the esteemed Leeward Light Charitable Foundation. Hailing from Mahopac, a suburban community of New York City, Goetschkes found inspiration in his father, who served as a firefighter and a plumber. His father's heroism ignited his aspiration to become a hero, leading him to join the Coast Guard during the first Gulf War. Completing his secondary education at Mahopac High School in New York City in 1984, Goetschkes pursued his academic interests further at SUNY Oneonta. He studied history, economics, and foil fencing there, graduating in 1988. He furthered his educational journey by obtaining a Master of Arts in Elementary Education and a Field Endorsement in Secondary Social Sciences. Goetschkes' can-do attitude and indomitable spirit were evident throughout his education and career. Working three part-time jobs year-round and shouldering the financial burden of his college degree showcased his tenacity, which persisted throughout his 11-year service in the U.S. Coast Guard. His exceptional achievements secured him entry into the prestigious Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Fraternity in 2002. Following college, Goetschkes embarked on a journey beyond U.S. borders by joining the U.S. Peace Corps. In this capacity, he resided in Tonga for two and a half years, engaging in community-based service that allowed him to forge connections, foster relationships, and contribute to the global community. During his time abroad, Goetschkes traversed countries such as India, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji, enriching his perspective and empowering him to shape the minds of countless students throughout his 25-year teaching career. Goetschkes' unwavering commitment to education and diverse life experiences have made him a highly capable professional. He continues to inspire students, fostering a global mindset and empowering them to realize their full potential.

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