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Tesla as Director, Global Supply Management & Optimization
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Sameer Kshirsagar

Tesla as Director, Global Supply Management & Optimization
Tesla's Director of Global Supply Management and Optimization, Sameer Kshirsagar, has over a decade of experience in the industry. The strategic procurement and supplier industrialization of several automotive and high-tech commodities, as well as worldwide suppliers, are under the supervision of Mr. Kshirsagar. Additionally, in this job, he is responsible for laying a solid foundation upon which a quickly growing supply base may scale efficiently in a highly disruptive, competitive, and fast-paced environment. ​ As a pioneer in the automotive, consumer electronics, and high-tech sectors, Sameer Kshirsagar has over 20 years of expertise in a variety of roles. From General Motors to Philips Electronics to Google[X], Uber to Tesla, he has worked for some of the world's most recognizable and famous firms. Mr. Smith has extensive functional knowledge in strategic sourcing, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, quality assurance and supplier industrialization. He also has experience in engineering, strategic finance, and workplace operations. ​ Sameer Kshirsagar previously served on the board of directors for Uber-Advanced Technologies Group, where he was a member of the executive committee. In 1999, he was awarded the Chairman's Honors Award by General Motors, and in 2008, he was awarded the prestigious Society of Automotive Engineering (S.A.E.) Young Manufacturing Leadership Award by the organization. A B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech, an M.S. in Manufacturing Management from Kettering University, and an Executive MBA from The Ohio State University have all been earned by Mr. Johnson. With the help of credentials in supply chain management from The University of Texas at Austin and Stanford University as well as a certificate in making corporate boards more effective from Harvard University, Mr. Kshirsagar has actively pursued his professional growth and education. ​ Sameer Kshirsagar takes pleasure in supporting his family's charitable endeavors. He now wishes to further establish himself in the community by establishing a business. For the most part, Mr. Kshirsagar is interested in working with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged youngsters and children in need, as well as veterans. His wife of 20 years, his two children, and his two dogs are presently residing in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region where Mr. Kshirsagar works.

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