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 23 years professional experience in business development, marketing, operation, key account management and product/project management.  Experienced in business development and managing tier 1 OEM/ODM customers like Apple, HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, Quanta, Compal, Wistron, Foxconn, Inventec, Pegatron, ROE, Innolux, GIS, Merry and IEC  Advanced skilled in team development, problem-solving, process innovation and goal accomplishment in multi-national companies.  Strong team leader and player, excellent interpersonal communication and negotiation skills. Capable of establishing rapport with internal team members(operation, sourcing, NPI), upper management and external partners(sourcing, mechanical engineering, ID, SQE, PM)  23 years of business development experiences cross Europe, North Asia, South East Asia, Greater China, Mexico, Middle East and India and a bit US.  Sales experiences cross different business model: OEM, ODM, and retail in PC, mobile phone, semiconductor and automotive industries for multi-national corporations with different region such as Europe and Asia and US  Achieved US$ 24M for FY2014 to be the TOP1 sales team leader of Great China Area.  Understanding and having solid people management experiences between China and Taiwan team members.  Awarded to be the BEST SALES of supplier by ASUS of year 2004.  Sales revenue increased 85% form FY2013 USD 13M to be FY2014 USD 24M, the main contributor is from Apple backlight Unit business.  Lead the team to be NO 1. die cut Supplier at Innolux and ROE  Developed products and OEM/ODM sales strategy across for all markets, define organic growth and business development initiatives to support company goals.  Negotiated several successful millions dollars contracts with key customers, such as Apple, Innolux, ROE, AUO, Wintek ; Resulted in great revenue increased and profit in 2014.  Led the developed and implementation of annual Great China sales and marketing plans that resulted in consistent sales increase. This growth resulted in a long term channel for continual sales growth.  Experienced in evaluating and creating budgets and profit & loss statements, with an exceptional understanding of how to bring profitability and success to an organization  Experienced in various kinds of mechanical products such as thermal modules, laptop hinges, locks, latches, screws, functional cosmetic products and materials converting that knowledgeable about their processes and applications so that be able to find the design in opportunities
Rongxin Technology Taiwan office
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Chung Hua University
New Taipei City, Taiwan

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Work Experience

VP of sales

Oct 2020 - Present
Responsibility: 1. Drive collaboration across the organization to identify needs and develop scalable solutions. 2. Prioritize objectives and implement strategies to achieve company initiatives as part of the leadership team. 3. Collaborate with stakeholders to achieve mutual goals and align with the corporate strategy to set up annual targets, selling expense and operational income. 4. Form and lead internal teams, providing training and mentorship as needed. 5. Take lead with operation team to ensure get the qualification of key account’s facility audit and step into AVL 6. Directly lead and manage sales team in Taiwan and China with the goal of enhancing professional development and personal growth. 7. To meet customer expectations and ensure trial run to production in control that plan and execute the key pipeline projects including milestone management, cost estimation, technical and production resource coordination and supply chain management 8. Manage relationships with key clients. 9. Sourcing and develop suppliers with new technologies which is able to support new business development. Achievement:  Incremental US$3.5M sales growth through existing and developing new customers from US$8.5M in 2020 to US$12M in 2023  Successfully penetrate the supply chain of Pegatron's Vietnam factory through price, product competitive advantage and passing quality and production system audits  Successfully penetrate the supply chain system of Arcadyan Technology Vietnam and Kunshan factories through competitive advantages in price, products and services  Successfully penetrate power supply business group of DELTA Electronic through competitive advantages in price, products and services  Successfully penetrate Wistron Vietnam for Dell laptop business through competitive advantages in price, products and services  Increase the share of new projects and product spec in items among existing customers such as Amtran(瑞軒科技) : logo of OWL Labs through competitive advantages in price, products and services with US$5/pc,45% GM,US$200k/total  Formed the dedicated resource (business, technical, production and procurement) to penetrate SAMSUNG SDI Austria EV battery supply chain and get the business of Volvo E-truck project with US$10M/Y potential business mass production in 2026

Sales and operation director

Lip Hing metal
Jan 2019 - Sep 2020
1 yr 9 mos
Responsibility:  Mexico regional head and managing US$15M/Y business and leading sales and operation team  New business development for Siemens Energy BU, stamping and CNC parts and manage their sourcing and design team in Atlanta, USA and deliver to Siemens Mexico sites  Logistic and supply chain management for over 150 metal stamping items in Mexico warehouse  Working closely with HQ IT team in China to resolve issues on SAP system and ensure the operation is running well  Managing sales orders, safety stock, supply chain in a professional way through customer’s forecast, production and logistic lead time and operate on SAP system  Resolve quality issues Achievement:  Reduced slow moving inventory from $300,000 to $110,000  Increased annual revenue from $9 million in 2018 to $15 million in 2020  Managed to reduce the frequency of weekly deliveries to Siemens Monterrey from 4 to 2 to minimize logistics costs and improve operational efficiency, while effectively reducing the problem of excessive production and stocking frequency in the factory  On-time delivery rate increased from 90% to 97% and improved customer satisfaction and stickiness to get 63% allocation  Lead the branch team to carry out and coordinate the IMMEX (Industrial Manufacture Maquila Export) program with the headquarters IT, finance, logistics and Mexico Customs, and establish a system connection with the Customs Bureau in the bonded warehouse, so as to execute in/out and inventory management in a timely manner
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Regional Director

CCL Design
Dec 2014 - Dec 2018
4 yrs 1 mo
Responsibility: 1. Taiwan regional head with sales, technical and administration responsibilities and P&L leaders for the assigned regions. 2. Managing annual sales US$20M for Taiwan/ShenZhen/ChongQing region 3. Leading the team to achieve the assigned sales target 4. Business development for Taiwanese based consumer electronic industry(NB/servers/accessories) 5. Provide business and sales support for selected deals 6. Manage sales projects and key deals based on CCL offerings and capabilities 7. Contribute to business knowledge transfer for products/services/solutions to and from Regions 8. Support the regions in the consultative sales approach and stimulate customer collaboration, drive C-level commitments and assess risk across contractual models 9. Drive knowledge management / expertise sharing between regions and different business unit 10. Contribute with Business Unit resources for specific competences 11. Provide business and sales support for selected deals 12. Align with the global key account sales strategy and execute for Taiwanese based customers Achievement:  Design won US$1M in the first 6 months including contract signed off and vendor code set up at ASUS which is the first deal for CCL and sold the differentiation.  Successfully penetrate ASUS with US$1M design won in 6 months and converted in Q3, 2015 which is the greatest milestone for CCL Taiwan team  Through the weekly meetings with the manufacturing sites for customer new product development and introduction and production feasibility discussions to ensure that has production and cost advantages  Drive and grow the key accounts in ChongQing, from US$5M in 2016 to US$8M in 2018  Managing key accounts in Taiwan for global projects such as Merry Bose earphone and Tymphany Bose speakers.  Build up CCL Taiwan sales team in 6 months with proven sales record from US$400k in 2014 to US$10M in 2018  Drive and grow the new design-win projects from nothing in 2014 to 40+ in 2018  Drive ASUS/Acer business for over 30% growth compared to 2014 and 70% growth compared to 2015  Continue to review costs with technical and production units and win the first business opportunity led by Taiwanese ODMs without brand customer designation (eg HP/Dell)  Developed new product applications and introduced them into the new field of glass touchpads for Dell laptops, and achieved a US$3M in 2018 and a 100% share, and is expected to achieve more growth in 2019 .  In 2018, introduced the new application of narrow bezel (CNC+NCVM+printing+assembly) in Dell XPS notebook models with ID units and being reward the single supplier which is expected to contribute US$4M business in 2019
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Sales manager, Greater China

Brady Corporation
Sep 2009 - Nov 2014
5 yrs 3 mos
Responsibility: 1. Sales management and business development for Taiwanese based ODM accounts and targeting display and mobile phone industries like Apple, ROE, Innolux, Wintek, HTC and Foxconn 2. Supporting Japanese mobile display design in business in China like Sharp and ALPS 3. Business strategy planning 4. Working with strategic material suppliers such as 3M, Tesa, Nitto, Graftech to develop and secure spec in business opportunities 5. Coaching team members for sales skill and BD 6. Managing internal resources for business needs 7. Leading the team to achieve the assigned sales target 8. Internal communication with cross functional management teams 9. New applications finding 10. Selling spending control Achievement:  US$19M in FY 2012, 110% achievement rate; US$13M in FY 2013, 118% achievement rate  Enter new markets for major products of the year through company strategy, such as: becoming the main supplier of backlight modules/touch panels for Innolux, AUO, Wintek, etc., and developing new business of Apple backlight modules in 2013 (iPad Air / iMac )  In 2013, won the first-generation backlight module adhesive die-cutting business of Apple IPad Air with business scale amounting to US$30M/Y . Through my business teams in greater China region and cross-factory (Wuxi, Shenzhen, Langfang) collabaration and resource integration, this key project has been successfully passed new product introduction, verification, and mass production with single source reward! Then reward the new business of iMAC backlight module adhesive die-cutting amounting to US$16M/Y and expand the business scale at Apple display die cut supply chain  Taiwan LCD / touch panel market development and sales from 0 to US$6M (2010-2011)  Reached US$24M in 2014, with a completion rate of 150%, ranking first in the sales team in Greater China
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Key account manager

Nov 2007 - Jun 2009
1 yr 8 mos
Responsibility: 1. Business development for Taiwanese based consumer electronic industry in Taiwan and mainly focus on laptop ODMs like Quanta/Inventec/Wistron/Pegatron 2. Hitting the company assigned sales target and execute Corporate business strategy 3. Key account management 4. Customer project management 5. Customer relationship building Achievement:  US$3M in FY09(2008, Jun- 2009 May) with 150% hit rate and brought US$4M design win pipeline in 2008  Wistron Lenovo 12” and 17”Thinkpad docking keylock project, 30kpcs/M  Wistron HP 12”Olifant NB pen push latch project, 10kpcs/M  Inventec HP SS08 15.4” laptop hinge project, 150k sets/M  Inventec HP SS08 14” laptop hinge project, 100k sets/M  Inventec HP Galileo 1.6 laptop hinge project, 40k sets/M  Quanta HP 12”SoyozuNB pen push latch project, 40kpcs/M  Wistron HP 12” Omega NB antenna hinge project, 10kpcs/M  Wistron HP 12” Omega NB Keyboard LED light push push module, 10kpcs/M  Inventec HP 12” Luke NB pen push latch project, 40kpcs/M  Inventec HP 12” Luke NB antenna hinge project, 40kpcs/M
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Channel sales manager

Zaward Corporation
Nov 2006 - Nov 2007
1 yr 1 mo
Responsibility: 1. Sales and marketing management for global channel business 2. Global channel business development and strategy planning 3. Distribution management 4. Support PM to develop retail product roadmap 5. BOM/price/margin structure set up 6. Marketing activity planning 7. Korea/Germany ODM business management Achievement:  Successfully make the brand business selling through to the markets in Taiwan, Hong Kong, UK and Germany with US$1M sales revenue in 2007  Managing and developing Korean rice cooker branded Cuckoo thermal solution OEM project, 50kpcs/M with US$900K revenue  Managing and developing Germany oven manufacturer, E.G.O. thermal ODM project, 150k sets/year with US$4M revenue for 3 years.
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Account sales manager

Jun 2005 - Nov 2006
1 yr 6 mos
Responsibility: 1. Leading ODM/SI sales team and driving the new business in Europe, China and India for PC and automotive thermal application 2. Define and plan the roadmap of standard product for SI market 3. Managing different business model for both ODM and retail markets 4. Sales operation like logistics, fulfillment, allocation for Europe region 5. Regional leader of sales and product marketing for ASUS branded thermal, chassis and power supply products. Achievement:  France Packard Bell project, 800kpcs/Year  India Wipro DT project, 20k/Month  Germany T-System DT project, 10k/Month  India HCL DT project, 40kpcs/Month  France Unika DT tender, 1k/Month  Drive the product cost with PM and adjust the right selling price  Channel management and marketing activities for Europe thermal+chasis+power supply business, drive the business over 400% growth rate for QoQ (2005/2006, Q4, US$500K -> US$2M)  Penetrate Japan automotive market for LED thermal solution amounting to US$1.4M
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Senior sales specialist

Sep 2002 - May 2005
2 yrs 9 mos
Responsibility: 1. New business development for Taiwan IPC/server market such as Advantech, ADlink, AAOEN, PORTWELL, Kontron, Mitac, Quanta, Tyan, ASUS, MSI 2. New business development for Japan non-PC market with 100% growth from 2003-2004 and penetrate NEC(server and POS), Fujitsu group(server and POS), Toshiba(server and POS), Richo, DUX, Hitachi and so on….. 3. New business development for Germany IPC/server market such as Wincor Nixdorf(ATM), Fujitsu Siemens and domestic server SI accounts 4. Business development for South East Asia/Middle East server SI accounts 5. Business development for Germany/UK server/IPC SI accounts and distribution management 6. 4 months on site sales and technical support in Germany for developing server SI and IPC customers and training German branch sales team Achievement:  Awarded by ASUS for the best sales of the supplier in 2004  Developing and managing US$ 3M/year Taiwan server/IPC OEM/ODM business  Managing and developing Japan server/IPC market that achieves US$ 1.8M/year in 2004  Helping German team to develop new business with design win amounting to US$1.2M

Sales rep.

Valqua Taiwan
Sep 2001 - Aug 2002
1 yr 0 mos
Responsibility:  New business development and distribution management for semiconductor market such as TSMC, UMC, Vanguard, Winbond, Powerchip, MXIC  Technical and after sales service support to TEL(Tokyo Electron) Taiwan  Business development for hydraulic machine of sealing application  Customer service and logistic operation(import/export/fulfillment) Achievement:  Won TWD 1M O-ring business during the probation  Design in Valqua O-ring at TSMC/UMC/Vanguard together with the distribution with US$3M business scale.


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Bachelor’s Degree
Mechanical Engineering
1995 - 1999