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Stephen Feriozzi
Maintenance Manager
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Stephen Feriozzi

Maintenance Manager
Stephen Feriozzi, or Steve, as his friends and colleagues know him, is a well-rounded individual. Born on August 20, 1998, in the friendly town of Arcadia, FL, Steve exemplifies a blend of professional competency as a Maintenance Manager, strategic ingenuity, and a personal zeal for his hobbies. As a Maintenance Manager, Steve is known for his proficient problem-solving abilities and unwavering commitment to efficiency. His role is integral to the smooth operation of his organization, as he not only addresses the technical details of maintenance work but also oversees teams, coordinates activities, and designs preventive strategies to avoid potential system breakdowns. Stephen's route to his current professional standing has been varied and fruitful. His professional journey began with his high school diploma. During high school, Stephen developed a love for golf, an activity that taught him to think strategically and adapt quickly - skills he has successfully integrated into his work life and underpin his professional philosophy.
Marco Island, FL, USA

Professional Background

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    Not open to opportunities
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    2-4 years (2-4 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 1-5 people
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    Maintenance Manager
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    Not interested in working remotely
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    Maintenance Manager
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    Marco Island, FL 34145, USA
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