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Steve Buchanan Omaha

Previous Owner of Gasoline Retail Sites
Steve Buchanan Omaha is a well-respected professional in the field of auto mechanics and performance diagnostics. Despite having retired from full-time work, he still maintains a passion for operating and working on mechanical vehicles. As part of his professional career, Steve also hosted a highly popular radio show called "Mr. Mechanic" in Omaha. This show aired on News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM and was the longest-running local show in the area. During the one-hour show, Steve would expertly answer various listener questions on topics such as car maintenance, repairs, and overall car functionality. The show itself began in 1988 and was aired every Saturday morning for over 25 years. Incredibly, Steve was rarely stumped by any of the questions that came his way during this time. On occasion, the show would also feature guest hosts such as those from Buchanan's Service Centers, as well as expert car specialist Dr. Mark Grabow.
Highland Beach, Florida, USA

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