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Susan Fabian
Sales ( Director of marketing )
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Susan Fabian

Sales ( Director of marketing )
Susan Fabian's childhood years in Hungary were filled with a perpetual yearning to explore and learn-her enthusiasm for reading opened portals to infinite creativity and profound understanding. Susan's early participation in the Girl Scouts was foundational in sculpting her leadership attributes and developing a deep-rooted dedication to community service. Her migration from Hungary to Sarasota symbolizes her desire to reach unparalleled heights. Her academic journey at Suncoast Technical College was pivotal, revealing many interests and broadening her intellectual vistas. Her allegiance to the Sarasota Sheriff Explorer program and intensive learning at Sarasota Military Academy demonstrated her admiration for the principles of unity and discipline inherent in military service. By undertaking strenuous lifeguard training, she showcased her tenacity and unyielding endurance. These ingrained attributes have navigated her through her professional endeavors. With enthusiasm and commitment, she stepped into the realms of Insursafe, synthesizing transformative leadership and revolutionary marketing approaches to amplify the organization’s progress. Amidst her leisurely pursuits, she crafts musical tapestries on her piano, morphing her love for music into an enriching hobby and sharing serene symphonies with diverse audiences. Her keen interest in technology, mechanics, literature, and meteorology epitomizes her constant hunger for knowledge and multidimensional learning.
Sarasota, FL, USA

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    Marketing Director
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    Director of marketing
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