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Ved Prakash Choudhary

Manager CAE with 10 years and 9 months experience in simulation and design of passenger cars, tractors, commercial and defense vehicles. Experience in various CAE simulation domains like structural, noise vibration and harness (NVH) , multi-body dynamics, optimization, and impact analysis.
Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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    CAE Analysis
    Siemens NX
    simcenter 3D
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Work Experience


Mar 2016 - Present
Handling a team of two well-qualified engineers. Discussion of loads, boundary conditions, and technical review for team members with the design team. Structural analysis of power train system and subsystem. NVH analysis of Powertrain Modal & FRF analysis components, mainly transmission system. Multibody dynamics MBD analysis of power train system. Establishing NVH correlation of CAE and test results. Projects : (1) Durability analysis of passenger cars transmission housing under input and impact torque conditions. (2) Modal, FRF modal, and direct and MBD analysis of Full power train. to provide a solution for gear rattle noise issue resolution and to check rigidity of powertrain. (3) Developed the gear shifting lever knob assembly impact analysis process as per testing procedure using Altair Radioss software. (4) Sound Pressure level calculation for transmission housing as per bench condition for noise measurement. (5) Frequency response and modal participation factor of engine assembly. (6) Developed the Valvetrain screw failure resolution process using Adams flex body MBD analysis. (7) The rubbing noise problem of the clutch release bearing and clutch Guide pipe is resolved by Dynamic Simulation in Adams (8) Clutch mounting bracket strength and fatigue analysis and correlation with physical testing. Establish the standard analysis procedure for the clutch mounting bracket. (9) Modal CAE test correlation of transmission housing frequency and mode shapes to correlate the CAE and test result for validation of FE model. (10) Clutch thermal analysis under sequential load and unloading, to provide a solution to the clutch burning issue.


Sep 2014 - Mar 2016
1 yr 7 mos
I was handling a team of three well-qualified engineers. Durability & Fatigue analysis Linear stress, Non-linear stress, Dynamic stress & Fatigue Life Analysis. Individual responsibility for CAE analysis of the New Escorts tractor series NETS project. NVH analysis Modal, FRF, SWL, Transmission Loss analysis of muffler of tractor components. Conduct technical reviews with the design team to improve the design of the tractor components. Projects : (1) Tractor full chassis structural analysis under service load condition. (2) Tractor Hydraulic assembly: Establish the analysis procedure for hydraulic assembly for tractors. (3) Roll Over Protection Test ROPS for tractor cabin analysis is carried out as per ISO to check the cabin structure penetration into deflection limiting volume. (4) Transmission loss calculation of tractor muffler using LMS Virtual Lab. (5) Transient FRF analysis is carried out for tractor muffler, radiator assembly, LSV-407, and tractor mirror assembly based on measured data. (6) Resolving the field failure issue of FARMTRAC 60 stay bar mounting bracket by optimizing the design using optistruct topology optimization which leads to highly improved design from a strength point of view and also weight saving of 4kg per tractor. (7) Filed failure co-relation of the hydraulic body of tractor with close co-relation of CAE results and actual failure location.

Sr. Engineer

Jul 2011 - Aug 2014
3 yrs 2 mos
Durability analysis of commercial and defense vehicles. Fatigue analysis of chassis, load body for commercial and defense vehicles. Conduct technical reviews with the design team and participate in testing. Projects : (1) Accelerated durability test of Chassis & BIW of Defense Vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger cars & tractors: to quantify the strength & life characteristics of ground vehicle components under service load conditions bump, braking, cornering, kerb strike, etc. (2) Body in white BIW, Load body of commercial and defense vehicles structural analysis under service load, and Gravity load analysis. (3) Wheel Hub and wheel disc non-linear analysis: Establish the analysis procedure for wheel hub for commercial vehicles. (4) Buckling analysis of different components such as tie-rod, connecting rod, steering column, etc as per requirement. (5) Sub-Modeling: Use of sub-model for LSV-407 mounting clit analysis which saves modeling and computational time for Abaqus solver. (6) Panel thickness optimization SOL200 of 709 cab BIW by defining the targets for panel stiffness and selecting the panels for optimizations which lead to a weight saving of 20 kg of the cabin. (7) Field Failure co-relation for chassis of SFC- 407 and provide the solution for failure. (8) Thermal analysis of brake disc under fade test condition sequential heating and cooling.


Engineer’s Degree
M.Tech Design Engineering
2009 - 2011
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)
Mechanical Engg
2005 - 2009
Secondary education
2002 - 2003