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William Schantz
CEO/Owner @ Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC
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William Schantz

CEO/Owner @ Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC
The recipient of a bachelor's degree in political science from Villanova University, William Schantz is a Moorestown, New Jersey-based financial executive who has served as CEO of Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC, since 1988. Mid Atlantic Financial comprises several umbrella companies, such as Senior Settlements, which was the first to introduce life settlements to the capital markets. This asset class now accounts for tens of billions of dollars per year. William Schantz's enterprise also encompasses the life insurance premium finance company Bedrock Financial and the insurance company Harper Financial. In leading the suite of companies, William Schantz oversees talent recruitment and training and other activities such as regulatory compliance, marketing, and product development. He has worked for some of the world's most prominent investment banks, accounting firms, and law firms. For instance, his companies have originated assets for Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, and JP Morgan. Through these companies, Mr. Schantz has also created premium organization insurance programs that have substantial savings for policyholders. He regularly attends educational forums and conferences for professional development and is a Life Insurance Settlement Association member.
Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC
Villanova University
Moorestown, NJ, USA

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May 1988 - Present

District Manager

Mar 1978 - May 1998
20 yrs 3 mos


Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Political Science
1973 - 1977