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Yecheskel Schwab Lakewood is a lover of photography, nature, traveling, coffee, and his pups. His work has scored very high with the Professional Photographers of America and has been published in multiple national publications. He speaks and teaches nationally and holds multiple workshops where people come from all over the country to learn to use the camera and light the way he does. Yecheskel's studio is located in the down-centre of Lakewood, Ohio. He has been in business since 2004 and at this studio location since 2008.
Yecheskel Schwab Lakewood
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The Ohio State University
Lakewood, OH, USA

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Apr 2004 - Present
Yecheskel Schwab Lakewood considers himself a less is more kind of photographer. While he does like the occasional posed studio photograph, he prefers a more laidback and candid approach with natural lighting. His goal is to capture the spirit of the individual in every picture I take. Yecheskel loves close ups and pays attention to details. He has always heard the eyes are the windows to the soul so he tryes to capture them in every session.


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Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
Fine Arts
2000 - 2004