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Engineer @ 緯創資通股份有限公司
1. Name: Yi-Hong, Wu Region: New Taipei, Taiwan Phone Number: +886930688896 E-mail: [email protected] Other Contact Method: LINE ID:wuueming555265 Whatsapp:+886930688896 Telegram:+886930688896 WeChat: wuueming555265 Github: https://github.com/YeeHong HackMD: https://hackmd.io/@ebCv20MXS0y-pa8XsRnrOw 2. Skills Programming: Python, Docker, C, C++, bash Operating System: Linux (server building, network management) Tool: Docker, Git, SVN Languages: Mandarin, Hokkien, English, Cantonese (Little)
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National ChangHua University of Education
New Taipei City, Taiwan

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    Computer Networking
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Sep 2022 - Present
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Job description: Motherboard function testing and reporting Projects: ◎ Web crawler for automaticly listing issues Project description: Automaticly crawling issues from customer’s bug tracking system on web, and doing data handling to fit our company’s bug tracking system Skills: UiPath (RPA), Python Achievement: 1. Time for uploading 1 bug to system: 1 min => 0 min (full automaticly). 2. Person in charge for helping other colleagues with RPA related issue. ◎ Machine to machine project researching and developing Project description: To involve Jenkins, we need an automation program (Python) to connect Jenkins and Go2Test (Original automatic testing GUI interface) Skills: Python (Selenium) Achievement: 1. Jenkins importing. 2. Finish developing tool to connect between Jenkins and Go2Test. 3. Person in charge for helping other colleagues with automatic related issue. ◎ CX400 M7 verification Project description: PCB motherboard hardware, firmware (BIOS and BMC) function verification Skills: bash Achievement: 2 new function studying: SR-IOV and KVM in Linux usage

Software Engineer

Oct 2021 - Aug 2022
11 mos
Taipei City, Taiwan
Job description: maintaining and debugging code base for cable modem provided by company B, maintaining RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) tool and other tools for factory, building and maintaining build code server and unifying building code environment Projects: ◎ Buildserver building, maintaining and unifying compiling environment Project description: 1. Unifying compiling environment via docker to reducing building environment time and difficulty. 2. Building compiling environment Skills: Docker Achievement: Reducing compiling environment building time from 1-8 hours to 10-30 minutes ◎ RMA tool provide for customer C Project description: PCB motherboard automation test tool development and maintaince Skills: Python Achievement: 1. Finishing developing. 2. Function adding for whole software team to verify PCB related function automaticly ◎ Bit errors tool provided by Company B for NAND Flash studying Content: Bit error tool and NAND Flash operating researching Skills: C ◎ Openbfc21.3 equipped on CBV390SL5-AX5700 and Openbfc22.1 equipped on CBE390Z1MUA certification Skills: C++, C, bash

Software Engineer、 NFVI Engineer

Oct 2019 - Oct 2021
2 yrs 1 mo
Job description: maintaining and developing testing program of factory, testing and certificating about Network-Function Virtualization. Projects: ◎ NVIDIA T4 GPU equipping on CB-1921A for AI Computing, Performance and Hardware Relibility studying Project description: CB-1921A equipping NVIDIA T4 GPU for AI computing related studying Skills: NVIDIA NGC, Docker Achievement: 1. First GPU related project for company. 2. Unifying testing standard for GPU related project. 3. Related document and whitepaper releasing for company. 4. Cross division discussing and supporting. 5. Research for reading information from register of NVIDIA T4 with i square c protocol. Skills: Bash, Docker ◎ NPI (New Product Introduction) test tool generator with GUI interface Project description: GUI interface NPI script generator Skills: Python, Bash Achievement: Providing GUI tool for generating NPI script ◎ NodeWeaver VMM (Virtual Machine Monitor) verification, KubeVirt verification and Lab environment building Project description: Building, researching NodeWeaver VMM, KubeVirt (kubernetes) Skills: NodeWeaver VMM and Kubernetes Achievement: KubeVirt and Kubernetes researching ◎ All in one CU/DU software on CB-1921A verification and performance tuning Project description: 5G environment setting and technology transferring to company ◎ SMBus I/O sample code for many projects Skills: C ◎ System test tool for many projects Skills: Bash


Master’s Degree
Information Management
2016 - 2018
Master Degree: National Changhua University of Education (Sep, 2016 ~ Aug, 2018) Topic of dissertation: Feasibility of decreasing driving blind spot by ultrasonic sensor. Achievement: propose model of IOV (Internet of vehicle) and analyze feasibility of this model Skills: Python, Raspberry Pi
Bachelor’s Degree
Information Management
2012 - 2016
Bachelor Degree: National Chi-Nan University (Sep, 2012 ~ Aug, 2016) Graduation topic: Smart score management system Achievement: Provided grade management and analysis page, and provided analysis result Skills: Linux (LAMP management), SQL, PHP, R (Finally not used in project)

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