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沙龍講座講者 | 永續行動家聚會#1循環經濟交流會 | Soul fashion 心時尚新觀點Salon Lecture Speaker | Perpetual Action Home Party #1 Circular Economy Exchange | Soul fashion

By Annie Wu, August 14, 2019

沙龍講座講者 | 永續行動家聚會#1循環經濟交流會 | Soul fashion 心時尚新觀點
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永續行動家聚會#1 科技實作與設計兼容,以沙龍之名共創永續循環行動方案 永續行動家聚會,減塑環保人人皆知, 循環經濟不只回收再利用,而是一種兼顧經濟活動、在地就業、環境生態、能源自主的發展模式 為鼓勵資源共享與跨界交流,永續沙龍,將以各大主題舉辦跨域交流,發酵可能的合作 永續行動家聚會#1 科技實作與設計兼容,以沙龍之名共創永續循環行動方案 這次,我們不僅透過交流與分享,更帶入實作工作坊,教大家如何運用3D列印材料PCL製作自己的專屬飾品,讓實踐循環經濟,也成為生活中的一部分 活動議程: 18:10-18:30 活動報到 18:30-18:40 活動開場 18:40-18:55 與談人分享1 18:55-19:10 與談人分享2 19:10-19:40 永續行動共創交流討論 19:40-20:50 3D列印材料PCL手作工作坊 20:50-21:00 總結QA & 大合照 與談人 點點塑環保科技股份有限公司 洪以柔 CircuPlus創業生態系社群 黃暐程 心時尚新觀點創辦人 吳亭慧 活動時間:2019/05/04 18:30-21:00 活動地點:創咖啡 活動主辦單位:Asia Pacific Youth Exchange 活動協辦單位:創咖啡、Circu Plus
Perpetual Action Home Party #1 Technology implementation is compatible with design, creating a sustainable action plan for sustainable action in the name of the salon, and reducing plasticity is well known. The circular economy not only recycles and reuses, but a development model that takes into account economic activities, local employment, environmental ecology, and energy independence. To encourage resource sharing and cross-border exchanges, the Perpetual Salon will hold cross-domain exchanges on various themes and ferment. Possible cooperation for sustainable action home gatherings #1 Technology implementation and design compatibility, creating a sustainable cycle action plan in the name of salon. This time, we not only exchange and share, but also bring into practice workshops, teach you how to use 3D The printed material PCL makes its own exclusive accessories, which makes the practice of circular economy, and also becomes part of the agenda of life: 18:10-18:30 Activity Registration 18:30-18:40 Opening of the event 18:40-18:55 Sharing with the talker 1 18:55-19:10 Sharing with the talker 2 19:10-19:40 Sustainable action to create exchanges and discussions 19:40-20:50 3D printing material PCL hand-made workshop 20:50-21:00 Summary QA & Dahezhao and Tanren Plastic Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Yirou CircuPlus Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Community Huang Wei Cheng Xin Fashion New View Founder Wu Tinghui Event Time: 2019/05/04 18:30-21:00 Venue: Coffee Creation Organizer: Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Event co-organizer: Coffee, Circu Plus

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