Agoda Flights

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Agoda Flights

Product design & PM
Taipei City, Taiwan

Timeline: Launched in October 2020.

My role: Lead app designer

Responsibilities: Stakeholder interview, Competitive analysis, UX research, Visual design, UX design

In early 2020, Agoda Flights has launched for six months achieving 1K daily booking. We started transferring our focus from little enhancement to large-scale features, aiming to become a more mature product to fulfill all the customers' needs. Compared to the competitors, there is still a long way to chase.

Seat selection is one of the core features. Not to mention that it is a sophisticated project, we also have a high dependency on the supplier to define the scope and confirm the data they could provide. Therefore, we launched the feature with the free selection that it certainly reduces the risk of implementation. From a scalable perspective, we still consider the paid seats to accommodate the scenario afterward.

Designing the new feature of seat selection on app platforms.
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Published: Jun 30th 2021



app design
ux design