How Professors Can Best Impact their Students

I’ve been lucky–perhaps blessed–to have had many inspirational teachers and professors who challenged, inspired, befriended and mentored me. It’s impossible to forget the educators who had a positive impact on our lives. Like me, many educators chose their career path because of one or two of their teachers who had a strong influence on them. The primary job of a college professor is teaching and scholarship, but in my opinion, this description is too reductive. Whether they’re in my class for a semester, a year, or for the major, my students are a massively important part of my life, which extends beyond the formal classroom and into our home, town, and community. A teacher/student relationship has its origins in the communication of the course material, but I believe the best lessons simultaneously teach the students more about themselves, the text, and the world around them. See my blog at for my tips!
Published: February 21, 2019
Travis Curtright
Higher Education
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