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Robben Hsieh

By Robben HsiehUI/UX Designer

Iyax 形象官網
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從架設網站 (iyax.net)、程式撰寫、文案擬稿、內容設計、視覺識別定案,一手包辦。 網站: 利用 Angular JS/SASS 技術架設於 Linux 環境 VM 上。 文案: 協同分析師、行銷主管擬定商業策略,並推行四種應用方案供於中國大陸合作對象參考。 內容: 利用 Illustrator/ Photoshops/ Effect, PowerPoint 繪製平面設計/動態插畫/宣傳影片。 視覺識別系統: 從 Logo、主視覺顏色、慣用中英自型選定到 Design Guideline 設計。
From setting up a website (iyax.net), programming, drafting copywriting, content design, and finalizing visual recognition, we do it all in one hand. Website: Use Angular JS/SASS technology to set up on a Linux environment VM. Copywriting: Collaborate with analysts and marketing executives to formulate business strategies, and implement four application plans for the reference of partners in mainland China. Content: Use Illustrator/Photoshops/Effect, PowerPoint to draw graphic design/dynamic illustration/promotional video. Visual recognition system: From Logo, main visual color, customary selection of Chinese and English styles to Design Guideline design.
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